You Won’t Believe How Much I Paid for REAL Caviar in Iran 🇮🇷

You won’t believe how much I paid for real caviar in Iran. While I was in Tehran (Iran) I walked into a shop that sold real “Beluga” caviar. Iran is famous for its authentic persian “Beluga” caviar, which is a delicacy in many countries (and very expensive). I could not believe how much I paid for 50 grams of caviar in Iran – something which would almost certainly have cost in excess of £300 in the UK and over $300 in the US. In the video I also share my experience of tasting caviar with my friends – and how caviar is meant to be eaten! I hope you like it. The name of the shop mentioned in the video is “Diba Protein” in Tehran. #Iran #Caviar #AlessioRastani

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