XRP and Dogecoin Hit Downside Wave Targets (XRP and Doge 2021 forecast)

XRP and Dogecoin hit downside wave targets (XRP and Doge 2021 forecast). In December and early January we got bullish on XRP while the majority of people became extremely bearish on the crypto. Since then XRP has managed to rally significantly. Dogecoin also has enjoyed a significant uptrend in the past couple of months. In April and early May we warned of a likely pullback in XRP – as well as a potential drop in Dogecoin. We explained that a pullback was likely in both XRP and Dogecoin, with our likely projections for a correction. Both XRP and Dogecoin have now reached those downside targets. So what does this mean in terms of their likely wave counts? We look at the charts. #XRP #dogecoin #AlessioRastani

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