xGold Cash Injection – Final Q & A

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Table of Contents:
0:01:03 – Start of Q & A – The most common questions we get daily
0:01:23 – Keeping Metamask wallet more secure
0:02:44 – Looking up your wallet transactions on www.etherscan.io
0:04:20 – Looking up your Forsage x3/x4 vs xGold incoming transactions
0:04:55 – Seeing your 20%, 30%, and 50% xGold transactions
0:06:11 – Seeing how much gas you actually paid on a single transaction, and info on GAS LIMITS
0:06:52 – What is GWEI?
0:08:40 – The gas listed is NOT what you really pay (probably not) 😉
0:09:38 – The team viewer is back up AND has improvements! (now includes xGold!) – THANK YOU Jeremy James!
0:12:04 – Open Q & A Time!
0:12:16 – How do I change my GAS LIMIT?
0:17:37 – Adjusting your gas price & limit. (controlling how much you pay, and limiting your transaction failures.)
0:18:50 – Bidding & The Miners (The danger of underbidding)
0:21:01 – The ETH Blockchain Miners are fair & non-biased. (no human emotions / court example)
0:21:49 – Nonce
0:23:39 – What do I do when I have many transactions, all of them “stuck”?
0:27:16 – How, specifically, you send a “0” transaction to yourself, with matching nonce, to clear out a transaction.
0:30:47 – I have someone who purchased xGold, down 6-7 levels. Why don’t I see it?

and MUCH more!
(further timestamps / Table Of Contents being updated shortly)

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