Will This Little-Known Crypto Be the Next Dogecoin?

Will this little-known crypto be the next dogecoin? Over the past few months in 2021, the crytpcurrency “Shiba Inu” or “Shiba Coin” has been getting a lot more attention. It seems some people expect this crypto to be the next Dogecoin. Could this be possible? We look at the charts. #ShibaInu #bitcoin #AlessioRastani

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Day Trading Basics – Discover What Day Trading Has To Offer The Private Investor

Day trading has a lot to offer the private investor. Many people have heard the term day trading, but fail to understand exactly what is involved with this investment tool. With that in mind, I will give you some day trading basics, and explain exactly what day trading can offer the private investor.

Forex Market Hours – Not Your 9-5

Everyday day, millions of Americans wake up from that dreadful sound of that alarm clock screaming at you to wake up. You roll out of bed, eat your breakfast, and get dressed for the race to work where you look to make your fantasy millions from 9 – 5.

Trade System Criteria

Insight on what you should really be striving for when you’re building a mechanical trading system. And perhaps more importantly, things that most people worry too much about when building a trading system.

Things Not To Do And Use When Daytrading

Day trading is probably one of the most difficult anyone has ever tried… Daytrading is a very difficult endeavor for anyone who’s tried it. Those who go through it day after day will agree that everyday is different and that each day requires maximum attention.

Facing Confidence Crisis As A Trader?

Even as a seasoned trader, do you still face doubts about your trading ability? Does your confidence sometimes waver in chaotic market conditions? As a novice trader, do you feel that more experienced traders never ever have doubts?

Forex Day Trading – Critical Facts You Need To Know

Here we are going to look at the facts in relation to forex day trading that are essential to learn if you do not want to lose your money. Lets look at forex day trading in more detail and how to make money from it.

Penny Stock Advisor – Advantages & Risks of Day Trading, Buying & Selling in Penny Stocks Investment

Penny stocks are the normal stocks which a share can be traded for for less than $5. In the US financial markets, moreover, “penny stocks” are traded outside NYSE, NASDAQ or AMEX and are sometimes looked down upon, hence, considered pejorative.

Online Day Trading – Free Helpful Tips for Beginners

Have you ever thought about becoming a day trader? Is online day trading for a living a lucrative field? What about the risk that is associated with electronic day trading? This article will answer those questions.

Day Trading

Day trading is nothing but a trading in which people buy stocks for short periods with a hope to make money in the market swings in the short term. However, most of the people engaged in day trading either loose money or are unable to make any considerable amount of money.

Trading Commodities – Margins

If you’ve been reading the newspaper lately, you’ve doubtless seen how much inflation has gone up over the last two years. You might be thinking, as many do, that this is likely to continue for the next two years. However, you can hedge your portfolio against inflation and maybe even pick up some profits by investing in gold. Read this article to learn how.

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