Why you should be using $BUSD

If you’ve been wondering what BUSD means and what’s BUSD on Binance, you’ve found the right video. BUSD is a stablecoin that is tied to the value of the US Dollar. 1 BUSD will equal 1 US Dollar. BUSD is the Binance US Dollar stablecoin. This video will explain where to buy, sell, trade and earn on your BUSD and why you should use BUSD in the BUSD coin review.

00:00 BUSD Review
00:40 What is BUSD?
01:41 BUSD Explained
02:37 Is BUSD safe?
03:08 Why was BUSD created?
03:41 Why use BUSD?
05:06 Where can you use BUSD
05:52 Where to buy BUSD

Download the Binance App: https://binance.onelink.me/y874/6ab6a84

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