What is DEFI? Decentralized Finance Explained (Ethereum, MakerDAO, Compound, Uniswap, Kyber)

DeFi or decentralized finance is a movement that aims at making a new financial system that is open to everyone and doesn’t require trusting intermediaries like banks. To achieve that defi relies heavily on cryptography, blockchain and smart contracts.

Smart contracts are the main building blocks of defi. If you don’t know what smart contracts are or you want to refresh your knowledge you can pause this video and watch my introduction to smart contracts video first.

Smart Contracts Explained ► https://youtu.be/pWGLtjG-F5c

It’s worth noticing that currently most if not pretty much all of the defi projects are built on Ethereum. The main reason for this is the Ethereum’s fairly robust programming language called Solidity that allows for writing advanced smart contracts that can contain all the necessary logic for the defi applications, besides that Ethereum has the most developed ecosystem across all the smart contract platforms with thousands of developers building new applications every day and the most value locked in smart contracts which create an additional network effect. In fact, all the defi protocols mentioned in this video are built on Ethereum.

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CFD Education – Tips to Help You Start CFD Trading

Learning to trade DMA CFDs is often fairly daunting initially, with new traders having to master the trading platform offered by their DMA CFD provider and of course develop a trading plan. Trading can be enjoyable and rewarding if you take some time in the beginning to do your homework, below are some essential tips to assist novice traders who are getting started.

CFD Trading Tips for New Traders

Before you start trading Contracts for difference it is important to obtain a few tips from the professionals to make sure that you do not make many of the costly mistakes that newbie traders make. In this article there are three trading pointers which will help you in your CFD trading success.

Mistakes to Avoid When CFD Trading

Many amateur CFD traders start trading the hard way without learning from experienced traders who have made all the expensive errors traders make on their path to success. To help you understand the most common errors made by traders and to prevent you from making the same errors with your own money we’ve outlined a few common mistakes in this article.

Using Chart Patterns To Trade And Invest

This is the first in a series of free technical trading educational articles that I am in the process of publishing. Now, you can give a clipboard and a stethoscope to any member of the general public that happens to be passing by. However do you really think anybody knowing this would actually allow this person to diagnose and treat them? I doubt it.

Day Trade Small Cap Shares Successfully

Want to learn about day trading penny stocks and what you need to consider in order to become profitable? Check out this great introduction to help get you started.

Teach Me To Trade

Learn Stock and options like the professionals trade. Learn and use insider strategies and tactics for high rates of returns.

Contract for Difference (CFD) Trading Strategy

Once you become accustomed to the intricacies, workings and mechanics of CFDs including the different ways to manage risk its time to start considering building a structured trading strategy. Every good needs a reliable CFD Trading Strategy. If you were to pick a sample of successful traders, you would be guessing correctly if you thought the majority of them had a solid CFD Trading Strategy. Without a trading strategy, CFD trading becomes either a straight out gamble or truly time consuming, to maintain a positive cash flow you must create a trading strategy.

Find Out What the Most Common CFD Trading Mistakes Are

Trading mistakes can be made by even the most experienced professionals. Most mistakes made by traders come about as a result of a lack of preparation, knowledge or discipline. Whilst it is important to learn from your mistakes, it is even better and much less expensive to learn from the mistakes of others. In this article we will cover the three most common CFD trading mistakes that you should be aware of.

Online Day Trading Is Quite Simple

If you are thinking about starting a stock trading career, you need to know a few things about it. First of all it is not as difficult as it used to be, thanks to online trading. Today it is possible to best a full time investor and still work your regular job and have the financial security that you are after.

Forex Trading – Why Most People Would Lose Money Even With a Winning System

You would be forgiven for thinking that were you to be given a trading system with a positive expectancy, that it would be natural for anyone to be able to use this to make money trading. In actual fact, you’d be wrong – most people, even if they have a trading system with a positive expectancy will lose money. Ralph Vince (an expert on money management) did a study that can be used to illustrate why.

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