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Junte-se a mais um webinar nosso em português! Chamamos alguns especialistas do mercado para explicar para vocês o que são NFTs, como funcionam, para que servem e mais!

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Day Trading – Is Day Trading a Risky Endeavor?

If you’re experienced enough you think the times of daytraders. When the dot com bubble was happening, forget it. It seemed like the simplest job, sitting around on your rear making in a day what people make in a month or a year.

Why Don’t We Just Trade Anymore?

The recent popularity of computerized trading programs, especially the automated variety, begs the question, “what ever happened to good old trading?” To be sure, rates of return on investments have gone up appreciably, so what’s all the hoopla about?

Building Robust Trading Models and Trading Systems

Buildings and bamboo provide some useful analogies that can help a trader build reliable and profitable trading systems and models. Buildings are extremely strong structures, but they have to be flexible enough to move with strong winds, or storms, or else they face a greater possibility of falling over. Bamboo is similar to buildings.

Simple Trading Strategy

In this article you will be given the basic ingredients for a very effective trading strategy. The tactics you will learn in this article are not what you will typically learn from most courses, ebooks, tutorials or websites.

Day Trading Futures and the Market

Day trading futures is the method of buying and selling the future contracts in the same day Future markets are available with many underlying instruments and also this trading has good liquidity and price movement. The same procedure is followed for multiple contracts, and separate entries and exits are followed for each contract.

Do You Trade Every Enticing Setup?

Some set ups look to good to be true, but often times these set ups occur at a time when the market is not conducive to a profitable trade. It take self-discipline to lay off these trades.

Why eMini Trading is a Great Alternative to Stock Trading – Part 1

If your stock trading is not going well, and you are falling short of your expectations, eMini day trading may be a good alternative choice. This article discusses one reason why eMini day trading may be better for you.

Why Do We Trade Against the Trend?

Trading with the trend is one of the most effective ways to day trade. Yet, it is not talked about much these days as different methodologies have become more popular. Still, trading with the trend remains one of the most effective ways of earning money while day trading.

Can a Novice Really Learn to Trade?

Learning to trade e-mini futures contracts profitably can be a tall order without proper training and experience. This fact is borne out by the especially high failure rates published in leading trading journals. It is estimated that more than 50% of first-time traders fail in their initial attempt at trading e-mini futures contracts.

Learning the Ropes of Day Trading

This allows one to manage such a career efficiently from home. Simply browsing through daily newspapers may not be that useful when it comes to day trading since one needs to have a grasp over the market patterns and a thorough research of those companies that he wishes to trade with.

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