This Has NEVER Happened Before in Bitcoin’s History

This has never happened before in bitcoin’s history. Bitcoin’s recent drop and crash reached a key technical level. It is a level that we were anticipating using the fibonacci retracement tool. However, there is another interesting fact that we spotted on the chart of bitcoin that has never happened before – potentially indicating extreme oversold conditions. We also discuss whether bitcoin has entered a “bear” market. Should we use arbitrary numbers to call a bear market on the chart? We look at the facts. #Bitcoin #BTC #AlessioRastani

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Binary options trading. Unlike a traditional stock or option trade, in a binary option you will not earn more or lose more depending on the magnitude of the movement in price of the stock or underlying asset, because in this type of contracts you will earn fixed payouts of around 70% as long as the stock or underlying asset’s price ends up in the money by the time of expiration, which usually is within an hour from the time you enter the trade.

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