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Crypto Evolution talks about the newest news about the crypto market or in general about investing. The most important thing is to talk about the cryptos which will grow large. Ten Baggers which will make you rich.

The information on my Youtube is strictly for education purposes only. I will not be held liable for any losses or gains occurred.

This is purely educational content. I am sharing my moves in the market not to tell you what to buy/sell, but showing viewers how I think through investing. My risk tolerance is very different from yours. Do all your own research and due diligence before making any moves in the stock market.

The goal of my content is to make you a self sufficient investor. I show my thought processes and decisions to help you see into the mind of my decisions.


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E-Mini Trading Course Learning Outcomes

If you’re looking for an e-mini trading course, I have documented here what I think are the important aspects that a good course should teach you. I was a newbie when I started and have done quite a comprehensive course myself, here I think are the things you should be learning.

Emini Trading Course Recommendations

Since eminis were introduced to the market back in 1997 they have taken the online trading world by storm. In order to educate people on how these work and how they should be traded, emini trading courses have popped up all over the internet. Having done a comprehensive emini trading course myself, these are the things that I believe should be included in any course you do.

Planning a Trade and Trading the Plan and Learning to Live With Trading Losses

It could take several weeks to plan your trades around a business plan but it will pay itself off very well in the long run. Always keep your plan around where you can see it while trading. And remember to always plan your trades and trade your plan religiously. This will be the only deciding factor in your success as a trader.

Shopping For Dividends

Traditionally, high yielding shares have been buffered from a downturn in the market. This is because dividends usually get paid regardless of whether the market rises or falls

Shopping For Bargains – Value Investing

If you’re an investor, with the market at such low levels, now is the time to look at adding to your longer term portfolio. If you’re a short term trader, the under priced stocks can often be the ones to rebound strongly.

Option Trading Tutorial – Intro to Binary Options Trading

Any option trading tutorial would be incomplete if it didn’t mention a simplistic form of options trading called binary options trading. Not too many investors know about this form of investment but it is a very hot market right now for people not willing to be stuck with long holding period investments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, traditional option contracts and futures.

How to Find the Best Day Trading System to Make You Money in the Day Trade Market

Day trade systems have been generating winning picks for a number of inexperienced traders for some time now. How it works and what it is basically is a program which uses algorithms which look at successful trends of the distant and recent past, and specifically the factors which lead to those trends to form. These algorithms then apply this information to current, real time market data to look for similarities to further investigate, and eventually once it’s found what it deems as being a profitable trade, it notifies you accordingly so that you can in turn trade accordingly.

How to Triple Your Investments Overnight With a Day Trading Future System

The day trading future system has been becoming increasingly more popular in recent months as it has been helping everyday traders effortlessly make the kind of money that they want to make out of the stock or forex markets. Here is how to triple your investments with a day trading future system.

Can I Make Money Day Trading? Day Trading Secrets to Cash In

It is best to know a few open secrets to make money day trading. Several of these secrets are discussed in the following article.

Develop Trading Discipline

Developing trading discipline is the key to success. Without discipline, you will be at the mercy of your emotions.

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