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Why Do Order Flow E-Mini Traders Have a Clear-Cut Advantage?

You might be surprised to learn that I did not learn to trade on charts. In a Proprietary Shop (prop shop) you are taught to trade using DOM-like indicators that show, in real time, how orders are flowing into the market. For sure, you have an exact view of whether the market is being dominated by buying or selling.

Ways to Improve Your Stock Trading Skills in Real Trading World

Trading in the stock market can make you very lucrative profits and it can be very risky of you do not have a proper trading plan. Therefore, in order to minimize the trading risk and make you the most earning from the stock market, you have to take some actions into consideration before you start your stock trading in real trading world.

Developing a Consistantly Profitable Day Trading Strategy

So you want to develop a day trading system that will be consistently profitable? Given the volatility of today’s market, creating an emini Trading System can be a very complex or simple task, the choice is yours. You can make it is complex or simple as you like. I believe in the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method.

How To Avoid Pitfalls When Trading Binary Options

Binary options provide a good way in which to trade financial markets, offering both high potential profits and limited risks. However there are a number of pitfalls that you should look out for to ensure you get a smooth trading experience. Read this article to find out more.

Learn Binary Options For A Simple Method Of Financial Trading

Binary options provide one of the newest trading methods which can be used to make high profits from the investment markets. They are simple to use and can be started with just a few dollars. Read this article to find out the key benefits and why you should start trading with them.

Why Investors And Traders Seek An Efficient Real Time Market Data Display

The equity markets use the real time market data display in order to view information regarding market prices, liquidity, securities as well as trading activities. Previously, equity markets trading involved trading a particular security that was focused on a sole listing exchange, now equity trading has evolved into multiple market places that compete for trading in similar securities. This development made acquiring access to real time data from several market places essential in the success of a trade.

10 Great Myths About Options Trading

Mention your interest in options trading to friends and they immediately command you to run for the hills; you’ll lose all your money. After all, they know, right? It’s time to address 10 great myths about trading these incredibly popular stock derivatives. Are they true? Do they need clarification or are they myths?

How a Technical Analyst Uses Pivot Points

Pivot Points are predictive, or leading, technical indicators. A Pivot Point is a significant price level used by traders to predict market movement, as well as support and resistance levels. Pivot Points are calculated through the average of some of the most significant pricing data – the prior period’s high, low and close. While there are a number of different ways to calculate Pivot Points, the most frequently used is the five-point system. The five-point system uses the prior period’s day’s high, low and close prices, together with two support levels and two resistance levels to calculate a Pivot Point. The main Pivot Point time periods used are daily, weekly, and monthly.

Essence of Trading: Modern Financial Economics Is Just Alchemy In Disguise

A short discussion of financial economics and its shortfall as a decision making tool in trading. Comparing economics with alchemy gives us insights into the state of the development in economic theories. How traders nowadays tackle trading successfully.

When To Conduct Binary Options Trading?

Binary options trading is the world’s famous and the most popular trading platform that gives the investor an option to make the most out of his investment. It involves less risk than other financial options and helps the novice traders to earn maximum profit with minimum capital.

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