The Biggest Threat Likely Coming our Way (it’s NOT inflation)

The biggest threat likely coming our way (it’s NOT inflation). The massive rise in interest rate yields and the crash in the bond market has led many economists and people in the media speculating that we are now heading towards inflation. The majority of media pundits seem to be convinced that inflation is now the biggest threat facing us in the next few years (and in this decade). But could they be wrong? What if the biggest threat could be the forces of deflation? How can we tell? We shall explain. #Inflation #Deflation #AlessioRastani

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How to Day Trade the Stock Market – Tips For Beginners

When people want to learn how to day trade the stock market they generally think of loads of charts, technical analysis. You can learn many different ways and techniques to day trade the stock market but general concept is get in and out quick. The average trade may last anywhere from a few seconds to minutes. Occasionally a day trader will have a trade that lasts for hours but this is quite rare.

A Broker Calls

Many novice traders have little idea of what trading on margin is, or the risks involved, and it is often too late by the time you receive a dreaded margin call. The article explains how to avoid the call from your broker requesting more funds, by which time it is generally too late to do anything anyway!

Stock Trading Robot Review – Don’t Get Suckered

If you’re someone who looks around at various investing sites often, you’ve probably seen ads for a stock trading robot. Is it good? Can it really work? What are the dangers? I’ll answer all your questions in this article.

My Secret IvyBot Review – The Truth About Ivybot

Your about discover the real truth about Ivybot and one I found out after doing my review. This review of IvyBot will speak for itself.

Qualities of a Good Trading Course

Remembering the qualities of a good trading course can save you from falling in common pitfalls. Your prospective course must prepare you in every way possible for what you will face in the actual market place. This includes your knowledge about the trade, your skill in analyzing the market, and even the way that you handle pressure.

Pointers For the Rookie Day Trader

Ready to jumpstart your career as a day trader? Equip yourself with a few pointers that will help you ease your way in this popular trading style. First of all, get yourself a good computer with a reliable Internet connection. Second, take time to study the industry before you jump in. You should take this step very seriously and be diligent about it.

Risk in Day Trading

No matter how popular day trading has become today, the high risk that is involved in this venture is still undeniable. Day traders are known for their agility in placing trades. They are famous for picking trades with high success rates and getting the most profits.

Investing in a Day Trading System

It is true that most traders experience an outburst of mixed emotions while trading. If you have experienced this, then you might want to consider investing in a day trading system. High emotions, whether positive or negative, tend to distract you and cause you trouble.

Do I Need a Day Trading Course?

Enrolling in a day trading course is crucial for somebody who doesn’t clearly understand the mechanics of trading. Even those who already have previous knowledge or experience need refresher courses. If you want to be a good day trader you wouldn’t be asking of you need to get one but instead you would be asking where you can get one.

Elements of an Efficient Day Trading Plan

Most experienced and professional traders account their success to their own day trading plan that provides them with in-depth analysis of a particular market anomaly that they wish to enter. Whether you are new or experienced in trading, you should consider creating a trading plan that will help you discard emotional responses in implementing your trading strategies.

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