SUSHI – Most Underrated Protocol in DeFi? (BentoBox, Kashi, Miso Explained)

So why is Sushi believed to be one of the most underrated protocols in DeFi? What are some of its new features such as BentoBox, Kashi and Miso all about? And what is Sushi’s approach to launching on different blockchains and scaling solutions? You’ll find answers to these questions in this video.

Let’s start with a bit of background.

Sushi launched in August 2020 during DeFi Summer – the first period of major growth of DeFi. The project quickly gained a lot of traction mostly due to the nature of its launch.

Sushi – back then known as SushiSwap – aimed at directly competing with Uniswap by forking it and encouraging liquidity providers to move their liquidity to a new platform in a process called a vampire attack.

The full story behind Sushi, although super interesting, is out of the scope for this video. Fortunately enough, I’ve already made a video about it some time ago and you can watch it here if you’re interested.

Almost a year later and the rocky launch of Sushi seems like a distant past and the team behind the protocol has been working hard on delivering new, interesting features and building the Sushi ecosystem.

Besides the main function of Sushi – a decentralized exchange for swapping assets, the protocol offers a growing range of other products: a liquidity bootstrapping feature for other projects – Onsen; a lending platform – Kashi; a launchpad for new protocols – Miso. More on these later in the video.

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