Staking Peak Defi Token – Final Step!

This is part of a series of videos that walks you through setting your metamask wallet up on the binance smart chain so you can engage with smart contracts that use BNB instead of ETH. This allows you to start staking tokens like Peak Defi without high gas fees. (click Show More)…

Even if you do not participate in Peak Defi there will be many opportunities in cryptocurrency coming down the pike over the binance smart chain network. Ethereum gas prices are through the rough but BNB gas is pennies so many are switching over. If you missed the other videos in this series see below:

Step 1 – Setting up your metamask wallet on the binance smart chain (so you can receive and use BNB) –

Step 2 – Where to get BNB in the first place –

Step 2b – How to Send BNB to Metamask When Your Exchange Won’t Let You!
*** If your exchange won’t let you send BNB to metamask, like those with as just one example, you need to have started with this video here…

Step 2c helps you complete the step we started in Step 2b. You can find it under the Step 2b video if you need to go there.

Step 3 is for those who use and are trying to send BNB to metamask (this is not to be confused with —

Step 4 show you how to get Peak Defi Token at Pancake Swap –

Step 5 gets you started Staking Peak Defi (start here if you have Peak in your metamask wallet and haven’t take this step yet to start staking) –

Notes on Step 6 to complete Staking Peak Defi Token:

Let’s Stake Peak!

Once you’ve clicked on your enrollers affilate link for PeakDeFi… Click on BSC on the top right

Again your enroller’s link shown to you in step 5 is:

Connect your Metamask Wallet

Click Stake PEAK

Enter your Stake Amount (or click Max)

Set number of days

Click Stake

Locate your own affiliate referral link and share for rewards!

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We can give you a page like this one or even build one with your link in it:

Reach out to me and I can help you build this up!

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