Snoopy Inu “DOUBLE” RUG PULL Trick… Learn How to Spot Shenanigans!

Snoopy Inu launched it’s presale on Dxsale today — twice. The first time they refunded over 600 BNB. The second time they rug pulled soon after hitting Pancakeswap… and then.. get this… launched ANOTHER contract and people are buying in. See more below…

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How we spotted MiniDoge last week BEFORE it did the presale (it did 100x)…

Little Known Tips To Stop Day Trading Losses

Studies have shown that you should never risk more than 2% of your float on any trade. Why 2%?

Day Trading Basics

A means to survive, an avenue to progress and vista to exchange thoughts, ideas and feelings… ‘Trading’ is perhaps as old as human existence on earth. It all began when the primeval man began swapping small useful items with each other in order to live and fulfill many of his needs…

Day Trading: Using Stock Breakouts to Your Advantage

A BREAKOUT is a technical analysis term used to describe the movement of a stock out of a set trading range which continues away from that trading range at an accelerating pace –once either support or resistance is broken. Breakouts can occur over any timeframe, and catching one and riding it is one of the most fun and profitable trading styles out there.

Day Trading Advice: Identifying and Exiting Losers

The majority of traders are looking for entries with a very high probability of success. Web sites and book stores are loaded with day trading advice to fill this “need.” Some of it’s pretty good entry advice. A lot of it is average, which is actually not a good thing. But good or average, if they are leading you to believe that “If you can find better entries, you’d be making money.” Than this is poor day trading advice, it’s a lie and they are taking your money and they are taking you for a ride.

Day Trading Tips Worth Reading

Are you tired of the same old day trading tips? Like, “cut your losses and let your profits run.” “Never let a gain turn into a loss.”, or the most repeated tip, “Buy low, sell high.” So how about something new? Let me give you some specific day trading tips that will turn your trading around.

Forex Trading Can Be Like Day-trading

Forex trading, or foreign currency trading, has become a bit of a craze of late, especially since it is something available to anyone who owns a computer. And anyone who is willing to put in some training time can profit from forex trading.

10 Steps To Professional Day Trading

Everyone trades a little differently. The trading method outlined below is MY personal approach to trading. This method has worked for me for the last 20 years, and has helped me to avoid big draw downs since the mid 1980’s. My trading strategy has helped me to make a good living trading.

Day Trading Strategy or Stock Trading Software? The Way You Pick Stocks Affects Your Results

Stock trading is a game of knowledge and money…

Day Trading the Index Futures – How to Judge Good Entries

QUESTION: If the SP futures fall through support and go straight down for another two points, and I want to get short, should I a.) Enter immediately, b.) Two points below support, or c.) Should I wait for a pullback and then try to get short?

Day Trading – Moving Averages vs Support and Resistance

When day trading the SP and Nasdaq futures, do you rely on your moving averages more than your support & resistant areas?

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