Setting Up Binance Smart Chain on Metamask to Use BNB Network (Step 1)

It’s important to get set up using the binance smart chain network so you can use BNB instead of only ETH. Gas prices are high right now with ETH. But gas fees cost close to nothing when using BNB. (click “Show More” to continue…)

Many opportunities are coming out that use the BNB network. This video is step 1 in a series we created to walk you through being able to use BNB on metamask (on the binance smart chain network). See below for additional videos and information Robyn refers to in this video…

Note these videos were originally created for those who want to stake with Peak Defi. However, it’s the same process to get switched over to using the BNB network so these videos will be helpful to you regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish. If interested in the Peak Defi staking opportunity, learn more here:

There are several steps one must take to get BNB onto their metamask wallet and to start using BNB at will. Here they are:

1. First, create a Binance Smart Chain Network on your Metamask Extension

2. Second, you get BNB from an exchange, like or or
(*You can also go to Pancake Swap and exchange ETH or BTC for BNB)

3. Third, you send BNB to your metamask on the binance smart chain network
*If you are sending from (in the US) you’ll use Binance Chain Wallet Extension

4. Fourth, convert the BNB that’s “now” in Metamask Smart Chain into Peak Token on Pancake Swap

5. Fifth, if you’re joining Peak Defi or another opportunity, you go to the affiliate link you received from your enroller and stake your Peak.

We have videos to walk you through each step. The video for Step 2 is way below. For now, let’s focus on Step 1:

Step 1 information you’ll need…

Setting Up Metamask “Binance Smart Chain Network”

Do This if you have never used BNB before in Metamask

You’ll need to Add Binance Smart Chain To Metamask (Click Custom RPC)
Open “Metamask” open from extension in Chrome
Go to Settings
Click Network

NAME: (BNB Smart Chain Network)
Click SAVE

You’ll select “BNB Smart Chain Network” from the top of your Metamask extension out of “Ethereum Mainnet” and it will appear like you lost your ETH, but when you switch back to Ethereum Main Net, it shows back up. You may need to refresh your browser again between switching back/forth from networks.

You’ll want to add a “new Account” that you’ll use within the BNB Smart Chain Network on Metamask to store your BNB and other BSC based Tokens in. This way, you’ll transfer BNB into this new wallet address with ease.

(Note: Be sure to switch to the right network before sending ANY coin or Token from this point forward.)

Your next step is to get BNB so you can send it to metamask and start being able to use it to engage with opportunities that require BNB. We will be loading the Step 2 video shortly.

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Common Trading Mistakes You Should Avoid

In trading, as in life in general, we all know that experience is the best teacher. However, failures in stock market trading bear more weight since you stand to lose thousands of dollars (or more) with each mistake that you make. So as to help you recognize red flags and prevent you from losing money further, here is a list of some common mistakes you might want to avoid.

The Triple Threat Trader

While they may not know it, all successful traders are what we would now commonly call “triple threat traders”. Analysing the methods and plans of these traders can help the new trader develop into a success. The triple threat trader is one who successfully combines technical analysis, fundamental analysis and risk management systems.

Risk and Money Management Basics

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