Sending BNB to Metamask from (Step 3)

If you use (not to be confused with this video shows you how to send your BNB to metamask. This is part of a series to get you set-up with using BNB and the binance smart chain. See below for more support… (click Show More).

There are a lot of opportunities that will continue to emerge using the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) because ETH gas prices are high. Here are some previous videos in this series in case you need more help:

Step 1 – Setting up your metamask wallet on the binance smart chain (so you can receive and use BNB) –

Step 2 – Where to get BNB in the first place –

Step 2b – How to Send BNB to Metamask When Your Exchange Won’t Let You!
*** If your exchange won’t let you send BNB to metamask, like those with as just one example, you need to have started with this video here…

Step 2c helps you complete the step we started in Step 2b.

If you use (not to be confused with you should not need Steps 2b, or 2c above).


If You ARE Using either with a VPN or outside of the U.S, Send Your BNB From Your Exchange into Your Metamask Wallet (using the Binance Smart Network we created in Step 1)

You’ll click “withdraw” in your account and then “send” to your Binance Smart Chain Network into Metamask! (Don’t forget to click on the right network to get your crypto wallet address.)


* Peak Defi is one opportunity that you can take advantage of if you have BNB. Once you have BNB on metamask, take a look at the Peak Defi staking opportunity here:

Online Hedge Fund Certification Program – Why Not to Complete One

This article is all about why not to complete an online hedge fund certification program. By reading this piece you will learn the wrong reasons that you would want to complete a HF certification.

An E-Mini Trader’s Guide To Profitability

E-mini trading is no easy task yet each day hundreds of novice traders start up accounts and give it a shot. 90% of these traders will close their accounts in less than 6 months. This staggering number is evidence that the vast majority of traders are missing out on a few key principles to profitable e-mini trading. These traders have access to the same systems and information as those that are successful yet they continue to fail. Why?

E-Mini Trading – Develop The Skills Needed

A common misconception about the e-mini markets is that an individual, who has never traded before, can open an account, develop a strategy using various lagging indicators, and get immediate results. There seems to be an overwhelming number of people who don’t quite grasp the concept that trading is a skill. Anyone can lean it but very few have the patience and discipline to master it.

Planning and Diversifying Your Investments

There have been many fantastic strategies when it has come to investing particularly with trading the Financial markets that due to Human Emotions have been unable to be successful long term. So the question is how does one control their emotions when it comes to making decisions about money, investing, and in particular trading? The answer lies in the details, preparation, and planning.

Ways How to Make Money Day Trading

Day trading is known to be a very risky strategy of earning through stocks. This is why not everybody engages in this type of venture. Normally, only the experienced traders who already know the ins and outs of the market make use of this technique.

The Things You Need to Know About Internet Day Trading

With the advancement of technology, we can now do more things to make life easy. Using the internet, we can do our grocery shopping, pay our bills, and research for the school term paper. But above all these, we can also earn money.

TradeStation Automated Exit Strategies – Overcome Emotional Trading

The typical human behavior in trading is cutting profits too short, and letting losses become too big. Automated exit strategies are very useful in overcoming this emotional tendency. Using automated exit strategies will free a trader’s mind to pick great trade entries while their exits are unemotionally managed and their exit rules are perfectly executed.

Understanding the Basics of the FOREX Market Is Key to Success

The FOREX market as we all know is a high yielding, highly competitive market with thousands of investors. In such a market it is important to understand the ins and outs before delving into trading itself. This is what this article covers.

TradeStation Programming – Turn Your Trading Ideas Into Money

Good entries and well thought through exits that limit risk, secure profits, and monitor your risk reward ratio, are critical to a good trading strategy. When you bring all of these TradeStation programming elements together in your trading strategies, that’s when the TradeStation platform can really help you turn your trading ideas into money.

The Importance of Keeping a Trading Journal!

Hi readers. Today I wanted to address something you probably hear over and over, and that’s the importance of keeping a trading journal! As most will already know Forex trading is a numbers game with no certainties just probabilities, a successful trader has to put the probabilities in his/her favour to give them an “edge” making them profitable in the long term. In order to be profitable in the long run a trader has to know their edge and in turn has to know their win ratio and their average reward: risk ratio in order to…

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