Security First In DeFi: Proactive defense for DeFi protocols, Security as a never ending process

– Crypto as a hostile environment; a perfect storm for malicious behavior
– Your only defense: Building proactive security processes into every development workflow
– The DeFi security stack, end to end: Recurring audits, formal verification, and bug bounties as the security trifecta

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How to Make Consistent Profit in Option Trading Using Sector Rotation – ETF

Besides buying Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), we can buy one particular stock from industry that has big opportunity to gain the profit because single stock normally moves the same direction as the whole stocks categorized into one sector industry following companies that have big Capitalization as a leader. Usually, this sector industry moves in certain period of time. For example, Retail sector usually is traded up around November or December because people buy more stuff for Thanksgiving and Christmas day and the good thing for companies that categorized into this sector industry is they can make good revenue and later it will increase the price of their stock and this season most likely will happen again in the coming year. This cycle is what analyst called Sector rotation.

Here You Go, My Experience With and a Review of Day Trading Robot

I’ve always been wary of stock pickers, chiefly because the idea of a machine doing all of the work for you to deliver you winning stock picks always sounded a bit far fetched. Being as Day Trading Robot seems to be all over the internet these days if you’re a day trader, my curiosity finally got the better of me once I heard that they offered an 8 week trial period.

Information Covered in Forex Trading Robots Review

Forex trading robots are software products that are used in Forex trading in the world Forex market. A Forex trading robots review has to cover all aspects of the product ranging from technical details to the results they show.

The Greatest Stock Picking Programs

Stock picking programs have been putting new and everyday day traders on the same level as expert traders for some time now, although it’s still a relatively unknown technology. Whether you’re new to the stock market or you’ve been hacking away at it for awhile and have yet to make any real money from it, the greatest stock picking programs are the key to realizing your financial independence once and for all for this.

Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – Picking Strategies Based on Market Conditions

How can you align your strategies with the current market conditions? How should you classify the market? How do you ensure your strategies are effective in the current market?

Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – Efficiently Developing a Daily Trading Plan

How can we reduce the routine work needed to generate a good daily trading plan? What are ways that we can save time and energy while improving accuracy? How can you use spreadsheets and websites to simplify our trading plan generation.

Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – Trading the Morning Gap

There are many trading books from excellent traders that described their particular techniques for trading the morning gaps. If you look carefully at their ideas see that in many cases we are in complete disagreement about an appropriate strategy for the gap. This sounds stranger than it really is.

The Best Stock Market Trading Programs

Stock market trading programs have been giving traders of all experience levels an extra and much needed edge at finding camouflaged but profitable stocks. If you’ve ever been curious about stock market trading programs, consider this as your guide to how they work and finding the best of them.

My Day Trading Robot Analysis

Day Trading Robot is the latest in stock pick software or programs which are designed to analyze past and current market data and find profitable trends. I was sick of hearing how this system has made everyone who has touched it rich so I decided to finally buckle down and test it for myself and share my results with you good people here.

Candlestick Chart Can Tell Everything We Need to Know in Trading Or Investing

It is very interesting story about Candlestick. It has already been used since 400 years ago back in Japan where people used it as an indicator for trading in rice. If the price of rice is higher than the previous closing day, people use white candle and if the price of rice is lower than the previous closing day, people use red candle. Candlestick is still being used until now for representing the price both in Stock Market and Foreign Exchange Market and candlestick is used for knowing how many percent the movement of the stock market or foreign exchange in particular period. In order to analyze easily, it is packed into one platform and this platform is called Candlestick Chart; this platform means a lot for traders and investors in which they can use this platform for decision making whenever they want to trade or invest. The nice thing from this platform is for example we display one year chart and every candlestick in that chart can be displayed in one day, one week, one month or even one quarter. These all flexibilities make them easier for analyzing.

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