Section 2 – How to Verify your Account

This Binance Masterclass will guide you on how to use Binance and give a step-by-step guide from a Binance employee. This Binance Masterclass is FREE to enter and starts this Friday at March 26th at 12:00 PM GMT.

This Binance Masterclass session will be mainly aimed at newcomers but will address some common issues that users face in:
– Verifying your account

At the end of the Masterclass session, we will link a google form survey that will test your knowledge on everything you’ve learned from the session. Participants that get an 80% pass rate or higher in this exam will be rewarded with an equal distribution from the total prize pool of £2,000 in BNB.

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How to Review Online Trading Companies

If you are interested in investing, but you do not want to utilize the services of a professional money manager, you may want to look into online trading. If you trade online, you can invest into all of the stocks you are interested in, but you do not have to pay the exorbitant fees that are often associated with the services of money managers.

Nostradamus – Are We in For a Stock Market Waterfall-Type Crash?

It is interesting to see so many spread traders sitting out of the latest market turmoil. And I currently believe that a massive stock market waterfall-type crash in the indexes is very possible by year end.

TradeStation Strategy Testing – Violating These Steps Will Damage Your Account

Avoid costly mistakes by correctly testing your strategy. With proper strategy testing you can be sure that your strategy is vital and can protect your account against unnecessary draw downs. This article walks you through the detailed steps to correctly backtest your TradeStation strategy.

Are You Cut Out For Online Day Trading With a Prop Trading Firm?

Most people begin online day trading with the idea of becoming rich and successful. However, along the way, they encounter many bumps, pitfalls, obstacles and roadblocks that keep them from ever reaching their goal.

How to Become a Day Trader

A day trader is someone who at the end of the trading day has a nil net bought or sold position. The person buys a certain number of shares of a particular company during the day and sells the same number of shares of the same company before the end of the day, in the process making a profit or loss but having effectively neither bought nor sold any shares for delivery.

Trading Psychology – Coping With Not Winning All the Time

When I first started trading, I always had this idea that once I perfected my chart reading, virtually all of my trades would be winners. When I discovered a setup that worked once, then twice, and again, and again, I figured all I had to do was play those and they’d always work out in my favor. The idea that at certain times these plays would work wonderfully and other times not nearly as well, hadn’t even crossed my mind.

Money Management – Proper Position Sizing For Penny Stocks

How large or how small should your position be in any given trade? You need to keep your position size to as small of a percentage as the average daily money volume. How much of the average money volume do you want to be? The less the better, but there is no official threshold to stay under. I’d say staying under 2% is pretty safe, but if you know what you’re doing you can push that somewhat.

Top 10 Tips From a Successful Day Trader

With all the uncertainty in the current market, and with people losing money left right and center. Here are a few tips that will help maximize your chances of making money in the stock market each week!

Choosing a CFD Trading Provider – What CFDs Can I Trade?

In order to stay competitive, many CFD providers have chosen to compete on the range of products that they offer, and you’ll commonly find perhaps 7000 different CFD products available. Which you choose will depend on your view of the various markets…

Contracts For Difference and Margin Trading Workings

What is a Contract for Difference? CFDs offer you the ability to deal in the price movements of a wide range of financial instruments, such as stocks, without actually owning the underlying asset. Like traditional share dealing, the scope is for speculators to profit from the price moving in their favour, but CFDs give you the potential to profit from both rising and falling markets.

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