Safemoon or Octans – Which will 20x from Here, FIRST?

Will it be Octa ( or Safemoon that 20x’s the fastest from here? Let me know what you think in the comments below. How to purchase Octa:

Learn more about Peak Defi:

Making Money Financial Spread Betting

All financial spread betting contracts work in basically the same way. There are stock market quotes for the price of a market at some date in the future, for example, the FTSE 100 Index, which are explained in the example below.

CFD Trading Techniques

CFD trading stands for “contracts for difference”. As the name suggests, this type of trading allows an investor to participate in the price difference of the financial derivatives.

4 Must Haves For Option Trading

Option trading can be very rewarding and profitable. It can also be very frustrating and costly. You can be great at picking stock direction and still lose. You can have a majority of losing trades and still make money. You can be great at paper trading and lose it with real money. There are four core areas needed for profitable option trading, and these all need to work together at the same time.

Stock Market Trading Strategy – Day Trading For Beginners

The stock market can be a chaotic and intimidating place, especially for the inexperienced investor. While you may have grand plans of investing in the perfect company and stock that will pay you dividends for the rest of your life, it’s important for you to realize that most of the trading, and the profit, come in the form of a stock market strategy called day trading. If don’t have a good idea of what day trading is, it is the short term practice of buying a stock with plans of selling it in the same day. In order to be profitable, day traders must have a strong stomach and a keen eye for spotting stocks that are about to break out.

Best Options Trading Service

What does it take to be the best option trading firm? These tips outline what you should be looking for.

Day Trading and Mechanical Automation

The notion of developing automated futures day trading robots is an idea whose time I hope never comes. The markets, even with some of their faults, remain one of the bastions of capitalism. If we were able to pick every trade perfectly, there would, in effect, be no need for markets as every trade requires a winner and a loser.

Psychology of Trading – Why ‘Courage’ is Not to Be Admired

Many traders feel that trading with courage is a thing to be admired when in fact the opposite is true. Trading with courage is actually a red flag and should be taken as a warning. Discover why in this article and how to avoid the problems that result.

Day Trading From You Home Computer

Day trading is an option open to many who want to work from home. It is not an easy thing to learn however but the rewards are great for those who stick at it.

Day Trading – 2 Crucial Best Practices You Can Not Afford to Neglect

In my Quality Engineering days, we always sought to establish Best Practices wherever possible because it had a measurable effect on the bottom line, plus numerous other aspects of the business. Now in trading there are Best Practices which will definitely benefit you and if you neglect them, your performance and your results are almost certain to suffer.

Sell Options the Safe Way – To Make a Regular Income

Selling options is a no no for many traders. It’s full of risk and unlimited risk at that. That’s called selling naked options. But there is a safe way to sell options and limit your risk.

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