Russel Brunson Just Did $14,000,000 in Sales with Tony Robbins

Russell Brunson (and his partners) just made $14million in a day….selling a course…about how to make money selling a course. 🤩

Having sold and contributed to over $200,000,000 of courses myself, this breaks my heart.


Because I STILL live with the dissatisfaction on my conscience knowing how many people paid me money, had huge dreams, made big sacrifices, and banked on an outcome that statistically rarely came.

Thing is, no matter how valuable the information, hell even if it included a STEP-BY-STEP blueprint of what you need to do to be successful…nearly EVERY SINGLE PERSON WILL FAIL—miserably! Statistically, less than 34% of people who buy digital courses will ever complete them. And, in many instances, 100% of audiences will only do 10% of what they are instructed to do. When I say fail I need to make myself very clear… I don’t mean “FAIL” from lack of knowledge or poor training, I mean failing in execution or lack thereof.

I am in NO way refuting what was taught or sold in the presentation the other night. It was textbook, and one of the best productions I have seen from these titans or from anyone for that matter. I’m sure the product they sold is incredible and would put my money behind any one of them. If you purchased their product or are considering it, you’re in good hands. There is undoubtedly a ton of good info packed into that course. There was tons of info packed into my courses too.

The problem is, that isn’t enough. And 3 years ago, I realized just how big that “isn’t enough” problem was. I couldn’t accept the statistics anymore and after running information businesses for over 16 years, I was out! I decided to walk away from everything I knew in order to find a better way. I was convinced that I could use my skills and talents differently, and that’s exactly what I did.

Over the course of three years, I worked on a concept called lifestyle dynamics to assist entrepreneurs and aspiring professionals with the human-journey of success. I believe that for every Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, and Russel Brunson there are thousands of people who are just as talented and skilled who will never get past themselves or overcome the “actual” barriers preventing them from living their dreams. I saw the information business exploding with new faces and genius, giving me even more motivation to share Lifestyle Dynamics with the world. I knew there were no safeguards for human nature but I could build systems to overcome our tendencies to over-reach, over-think, and over-complicate the world around us.

I know buying a course today, ISN’T ENOUGH to solve your financial problems.

I know learning what to do and how to do it, ISN’T ENOUGH to overcome your personal walls.

I know hiring mentors and coaches, ISN’T ENOUGH to fix your day-to-day lifestyle problems.

I also know how important and valuable those things are, and they should be valued just not OVERVALUED!

If you want to feel good today, go buy a book, download a course, ride that emotional high of well-intentioned optimism. Bask in that HOPE—that stuff feels amazing.

You’ve done the first step correctly, you recognized your need to learn and grow. You took the first step, most never will. Now it’s time to start living by paying attention to the performance values that matter instead of winging it through the day, hoping to strike your riches by learning hot new Jedi ways. Win in the aggregate areas of your life and you will be able to hang that 2-comma club award on the wall in no time.

Be your own hero by playing YOUR GAME. Solve your winning problem and you will do Russel, Dean, and Tony proud by turning their wisdom and expert advice into real-life results.🥠🥠

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