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Do You Have to Be Brilliant to Trade E-Mini’s?

One of the better traders in my room has been there for several years. I can still remember when he was considering whether or not he should start trading and he asked me, “I only have a high school education, do you think I am smart enough to be a trader.” Let me state unequivocally that I have found absolutely no correlation between education attainment and trading ability.

Can You Trade Polynomial Regression Bands and Standard Deviations?

Polynomial regression bands (PRB) have been around for quite a while, though I know of very few traders who use them in earnest. I happen to be a strong advocate of reversion to the mean trading and PRB’s are my primary tool in determining when and how price action reverts to the mean. There are plenty of other bands in trading; Bollinger bands and the Keltner channel come to mind. But for my purposes, I customized the traditional PRB into something that fits my needs perfectly

How to Trade the Market During the Summer When You Don’t Trust the Price Action

There are few times during the year when trading is more frustrating than the summertime. The price action tends to be clipped and erratic and I generally lose any confidence that a move will follow through in a normal fashion. In short, traders tend to lose confidence in what are normally “automatic” setups because the market has trouble maintaining a consistent order flow in any direction.

Are Proprietary Indicators Necessary to Succeed in E-Mini Trading?

A large number of trading operations require prospective members to purchase a set of indicators that the educators claim are “absolutely necessary” to trade successfully. These indicators often run thousands of dollars and bear a striking resemblance to any one of a number of well-known indicators that can be had on the internet for little or no cost.

Is the Summer a Good Time to Learn to Trade?

Not all summer time trading is just plain miserable, but this summer is like many others in that the volume has slowed down along with the price action. And yes, so far the trading has been miserable. Trading e-minis during these times can be just plain brutal, with hours and days passing without any substantive movement up or down.

Dyed in the Wool Backtesting and Chaos Theory – A Union Destined to Fail

At one time in my trading career backtesting was all the rage. The premise was relatively simple; if something has worked in the past it is bound to work in the future. In short, all you need to do is adjust your backtesting parameters until you optimize a result that produces consistently profitable trades. Of course, most traders who utilize this trading methodology are often stunned (and I mean extremely stunned) when all the careful data analysis does not translate to profitable trading, especially if you are an e-mini scalper.

Is It Time to Learn to Trade E-Minis? Avoid These Life Situations Before Starting

There is an old army saying that says, “being tired, cold and hungry makes cowards of us all.” If your desire is to learn to trade e-minis there are certain times in your life that are conducive to the learning process. There are also times in your life that any attempt to learn to trade e-minis can easily result in a resounding failure.

Let’s Revisit the Darvas Box and E-Mini Trading

The diminutive Darvas Box is a tool that I seldom see on retail traders charts. On the other hand, it is not unusual to spot the Darvas on multiple professional traders charts when entering an institutional trading room. This e-mini indicator is essentially an indicator, at first glance, of near term support and resistance.

3 Solid Techniques for NQ Trade Entries

The Nasdaq futures contract (NQ) generally trades like most of the other equity indexes though it has a few twists and turns that set it apart from the crowd. For anyone who has traded seriously, it is those “twists and turns” that can spell trouble for the uninitiated when trading the NQ.

Case Study: How to Significantly Cut Drawdowns Using Market Internals

In this article called “CASE STUDY: HOW TO SIGNIFICANTLY CUT DRAWDOWNS USING MARKET INTERNALS?” you will find out: What are Market Internals? What does the Market Internals category UVOL-DVOL tells us about market strength? How to apply UVOL-DVOL to a trading strategy so you only enter when the market strength is in your favor? How does adding UVOL-DVOL condition affect a basic breakout strategy? How can the Market Internals improve your own trading?

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