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Cash Flow Principles

Day trading is a way of making money online through trades daily. In day trading good and sharp technical indicators are used to get maximum results.

Why I Trade Emini Futures and Not Stocks

I am frequently asked: Why do you not day trade stocks, why futures? Well, first know that I did trade stocks for quite some time. I started my day trading career by learning how to day trade equities. I traded stocks when the only S&P we had was the pit-traded contract!

Learn How to Day Trade Options For Profit and Wealth the Right Way

You have been looking for that one thing that can make your dreams come true, something you can do from the comfort of your home. Then you hear a new “buzz” word, trading ETO’s (Exchange Traded Options ). This is it, this is what you want to do and so you start researching and before long your head is spinning with total confusion.

Learning to Trade Currencies Online With a Forex Trading Course

Learning to trade FX currency markets can be one of the most difficult things to ever attempt but the rewards are high for those who can stick it. Work from home and learn with a Forex course in your spare time from your laptop or home computer.

Stock Options Trading For Beginners and the More Advanced – Avoid This Mistake If You Want to Profit

So you are thinking of trading the stock option market? Be warned, the stock market can be a place fraught with danger for the uneducated! Sure you can make big profits and join the ranks of the wealthy overnight, but you could also lose the shirt off your back!

How to Trade With Fibonacci Retracements and Extensions

Fibonacci retracements and extensions is one of the more obscure forms of trading indicator although it is also considered one of the most powerful and reliable. Nobody can say for certain why it works but the most important consideration for all traders using it is that it is highly reliable and does, for some reason or other, work. Essentially it functions by placing a series of ratios between two chosen points on a candlestick chart.

Advanced Candlestick Pattern Analysis

Whilst the simplest candlestick patterns can be successfully recognized by virtually any trader regardless of experience, there are some more advanced patterns which require a bit more skill to successfully identify and often these patterns can lead to excellent profits when interpreted correctly. Often these patterns can contain three or more candlesticks and they must contain very specific characteristics in order to work correctly.

Advanced Techniques in Candlestick Patterns

Candlestick patterns have been used for hundreds of years to predict and plan things from rice demand in Japan to financial securities in the Western world. Due to its longevity in the world of business and finance, candlestick patterns are often one of the first things that traders learn to utilize. However, a basic knowledge of these formations may not be enough for many traders to use them to bring about successful results.

Bearish and Bullish Harami Patterns

Both the bullish and bearish harami candlestick patterns are amongst the most consistent and most popular signals available to the trader. They tend to appear towards the end of an uptrend or downtrend and suggest that the next market movement will be in the opposite direction. They are simple to recognize and occur fairly frequently which makes them particularly popular with novice traders.

Basic Range Trading With Bollinger Bands

Range trading is a basic technique used by novice traders and experts traders alike. The principles behind this technique rely on the price of a security moving back and forth within a certain price range.

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