OCTA Cancels AMA – Creates Sell-Off and Now Massive Run-Up!

Octans going through bit of a roller coaster at the moment as they watched Octa collapse after founders announced need to postpone the AMA tomorrow. Now we’re seeing it run back up. Buying opportunity of a lifetime? Time will tell!

Staying Calm and Smart When Day Trading Eminis

Being a day trader is a fast paced, overwhelming job and is not for everyone. You need to have the right mindset and the right attitude in order to be successful at emini day trading. Recognizing the necessary qualities and habits of a good trader before you get started is important, so that you can be as successful as possible.

Make a Million With Online Trading

Do you want to make a million with online trading? In a short period of time, you will find out, because in this article, I will spill the beans! Find the information you need to make a mint with online trading.

Taking the Best From Trend Trading and Swing Trading

Trend trading is a trading approach that offers the potential to reap greater profits by capitalizing on large market moves. There are two main concerns dealing with trend trading; either the market is trending upwards (bull trend) or trending downwards (bear trend). For the trend trader to profit, it is important to correctly identify the trend before a trade is placed.

Beat the Tax Man With Financial Spread Betting

For many UK traders and investors, beating the tax man through financial spread betting just became an even more attractive proposition following the new UK government’s decision to raise capital gains tax for higher rate tax payers from 18% to 28%, in last week’s ’emergency’ budget. Imagine what effect it would have on your profit and loss numbers if it were possible to boost your profits by 18-28% simply by trading through a different account.

Everything You Need to Know About CFD Trading

CFD stands for Contract for differences. This type of investment, known as CFD trading, is rapidly growing all around the world. The basic idea behind this concept is trading a share or asset without actually owning it.

Tips For Successful Investing

There is no assured route for achieving investment success, nor for that matter is there any cut-and-dried, instantly applicable, sure-shot formula for making money in the stock market. There are no high-flying stock market geniuses or financial wizards either.

Three Core Attributes of a Quality Day Trading System

There are many day trading systems available on the market and some are very mainstream in nature while others border on the bizarre. I outline three attribute that I think are essential for any good trading system and highlight the importance of each attribute.

To Day Trade Eminis Or to Day Trade Stocks?

Considering day trading stocks for a living? Well, perhaps reading this article will convince you that day trading emini futures is what you would really like to do.

David Marsh Emini Trading System – What Can a Day Trading Profession Present You in Your Life?

Day trading using the David Marsh Emini Trading system will give you the power to learn a trading technique that gives you the abilities to change into a professional day trader. Turning into a day trader is not one thing that can occur overnight. However, by learning from a mentor who has been trading for many years it will dramatically shorten your studying time.

Technical Trading Strategies – Using Price to Guide Your Investments

Many new investors think that money can be made on the stock market simply by following instinct or gut reactions about a certain security. While this is one way to go about choosing stocks that are likely to earn you money from among the over three thousands companies that trade publicly in the stock market, it certainly isn’t the most successful strategy.

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