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Systematic Trading: Benefits and Risks

Systematic trading refers to buying and selling financial instruments, such as stocks or forex, using a predefined trading strategy called a trading system. Most trading systems are coded in a so-called scripting language that allows them to be executed on a broker’s trading platform. This articles discusses the benefits and risks of this trading approach.

Options Trading Strategies – How To Generate Cash Flow on Exchange Traded Funds

First off, we are going to review what are ETFs and what benefits you have in owning them. ETFs provide the diversification of a mutual fund but have the liquidity of a stock. You can actively trade them on the Toronto Stock Exchange with no penalties. ETFs contain investments to replicate the performance of market sectors, bonds, commodities or specific indices. The ETF tracks the net asset value of the underlying investments.

To Take or Not To Take: Stock Trading Courses

It is quite common for people to gain confidence in their stock market knowledge upon watching CNBC, MSNBC, or Bloomberg Channel. It is not rare for people who faithfully watch these programs to think that they already know everything crucial and essential that goes on in the financial world, and they assume they can become effective traders from this knowledge already. However, gathering information from television programs is certainly not enough for people to make profitable trades, thus, taking stock trading courses are very important for those who wish to seriously invest in stock trading.

How Much Money Do You Need to Get Started in Day Trading?

Talks about how much you need to be able to get into “Day Trading”. What you would need to do to achieve it.

How to Make a Living Day Trading

Discusses what is needed to make “day trading” as a good means of lively hood. Stresses on the importance of knowledge acquisition so as to be better informed.

Stock Assault 2.0 Artificial Intelligence for Your Portfolio

If you’re like most people, short on time, can’t sit in front of the computer screen and watch the stock market all day, Stock Assault may be just what you’re looking for. Even better, if you’re also short on money, this doesn’t require you to invest thousands of dollars right off the bat to get started, and if you do, well that just makes your journey to financial independence even shorter.

The Option Wiz – No Nonsense Option Trading

The Option Wiz, just like the name says is an options trading service operated by two gentleman, Mike and Dan who together have over 29 years of experience trading stocks and options. Anything from simple call/put plays to diagonal spreads to butterfly spreads, it’s all here allowing you to profit no matter what the market is doing.

Mindfulness: The Most Important Trading Psychology Skill for Traders

Recent research shows traders can actually change their brain for the better through mindfulness practice. This article explains the research and how to develop mindfulness.

How Much Money Is Needed To Begin Emini Day Trading?

Emini day trading has a few requirements to get started ranging from skill, to finance, and personality. Having these qualities from the start makes the process easier, since they are all important in order to be successful.

The Penny Stock Prophet $1,000 to $1 Million

Alright, here’s what my barber is always asking me about, penny stocks. Well, here we have the Penny Stock Prophet. So who is The Penny Stock Prophet? He is James Connelly, a college dropout, who has been interested in the stock market since he was a teenager. His father taught him to read charts and quarterly earnings reports, and on his 16th birthday, bought him a subscription to The Wall Street Journal.

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