My $45,279 Beurax Investment | 25 ETH Into Beurax Trading

3/8/2021 UPDATE: STAY AWAY FROM BEURAX. I believe they exit scammed us.
To see a TRULY DECENTRALIZED project, where NO ONE can touch your crypto other than yourself, go here:

3/1/2021 UPDATE! BEFORE you jump in… as of today I recommend to HOLD on new deposits into Beurax.

My withdrawal from Friday was declined and returned to my wallet.
and we can’t currently make withdrawal requests.

I have confirmation from a few others that have been in this company for 4-6 months that they haven’t seen this before, and it’s the same experience for them.

I’ll keep you posted. The above is why I focus on my main 2 plays:
1 – Ethereum Team Build (100% decentralized, your crypto stays in YOUR wallet) Pays HUGE returns in CRYPTO… but also requires referring others, marketing, and then we also build directly below you.

2 – Fiat trading bot. (100% passive / automated, and your fiat currency stays in YOUR broker account) Pays 0.5 – 3.0%/day.

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This video covers my $45,279 Beurax investment. I put an entire 25 ETH into the Beurax trading bot!

You can watch me do it live, and then be sure to subscribe to my channel for all of the updates, and to find out exactly what happens!


Those who sign up with my affiliate link and who send me their Beurax Affiliate User ID will get my personal help in raking in A LOT more ETH and BTC via Beurax referrals!

It’s easy when you know how to attract business opportunity seekers already interested in generating cryptocurrency who already understand the risks.

and I look forward to sharing the next video with you, be sure to look around my channel!

Remember to be safe and don’t risk anything you couldn’t afford to lose. Putting a Beurax deposit in should be considered high risk / high reward.
(and I’m really happy with the results so far)

*If you’re already in Beurax contact me on Facebook messenger at my link below and ask how I’m earning 3.6% a day without contracts (so I can withdraw my principle at any time and DO NOT have to wait 20 days, etc)… and how I can do this with only .02 ETH min!

Contact me via Facebook messenger here:

DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the links, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

I hope you enjoyed my $45,279 Beurax Investment video. Be sure to understand the risks when putting your money into the Beurax trading bot, or any other high risk high yield program.

Strategies That Can Protect Your Trading Position

When it comes to the stock market, there are many ways to protect your trading position. You can purchase a stock that doesn’t follow the S&P 500 and short the S&P 500. Single stock futures can be combined with stock options or stocks to create synthetic or collar opportunities.

Option Hedge Into a Collar Position

Options can be an alternative to using a stop loss. The goal is to show the difference between a pure synthetic option, an at-the-money option and a futures position versus an option hedge, and an out-of-the-money option and a futures position. Using an option as a hedge is a great way to lock in your money management strategy.

Becoming an Option Seller Is Easy

It is exciting to hear that “90 percent of options expire worthless.” It gives you the feeling of being an insider and the hope of finding a magic bullet with which to win the so-called trading game. Only once you attempt it do the numbers not add up to the hype.

Retreat, Recovery and Opportunity for Traders

The information throughout these articles has been broken down into basic and advanced strategies to highlight the differences between concepts that are solely designed to manage risk and ideas designed to also generate income. By themselves the basic and advanced concepts presented here are not inherently more difficult from one another. Nor are the basic and advanced strategies really required to be operated on their own.

The Bull Call Spread and the Bear Put Spread

The third advanced technique that can be employed is the bull call spread and bear put spread. These are mirror images of each other. They are a sophisticated way of combining an at-the-money option and an out-of-the-money option.

Trading Backspread So to Use the Market’s Money to Trade

The core benefit of trading a backspread ratio spread is the ability to use the market’s money to trade. There are few times when the market actually works on your behalf to help you succeed, but this is one of those times. Selling an option and buying two options provides a sincere opportunity to trade practically for free.

Backwardation and Contango

Of all of the different types of spread trading this is the most straightforward. When it comes to the pricing of futures contracts the futures price is expected to be greater than the underlying asset. Earlier futures contracts are also less expensive than later futures contracts.

What Risk Management Tools Can Do for You

Being able to effectively use risk management techniques puts you in an elite status of trading. When done right, risk management techniques can…

Power of the Limit Order

Limit orders are a step above stop orders because they give you some control. Unfortunately, they still force you to be very accurate in your predictions. If you don’t get the numbers just right, you could find yourself missing opportunities or, worse, in losing trades because of a few points getting you into a trade.

Six TRUISMS That Can Easily Backfire You and Destroy Your Account

The secret to becoming a better trader hinges on your ability to look at the market through the same eyes as the hedgers and to act accordingly. As with many important things in life, on the surface it is simple to conceptualize, but difficult to execute.

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