Mr. Live and world renowned speaker Carlos Siqueira talk about NRGY! Could this be the next Bitcoin?

I was fortunate enough to get permission from Carlos to post this. This man is a CEO whisperer and world-renowned speaker. What an impactful call! Was a pleasure brother!

Today you will hear about the next DeFi coin that will 100x and why it will be so valuable….you are one of the early adopters in this and this will EXPLODE onto the market and be in Coinmarketcap and Coingecko soon! Tune in!

NRGY has already broken $700 and hit $3M in liquidity pool….the community are looking for people to develop Dapps on our platform. If that’s you contact me please and i will set up a meeting with those proper contacts.

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Tools for Strategy Building

Many traders have adopted systematic trading methods in recent years. Trading systems help remove the emotion from trading and enable trading strategies to be automated so that the buy and sell signals can be executed automatically without manual intervention. This article discusses the types of software tools that are available to help develop profitable trading strategies.

Futures Trading – New Practice of Trading

This trading is basically a standardized form of contract between two parties. The contracts are dealt on future exchange. Underlying commodities are sold in the future at a fixed price.

Some Basics of Futures Trading

People often get confused between futures trading and stock market trading. There are many differences between the two. However, the underlying concept of both the trades is same.. But the difference lies in what you are buying and what you are selling. In futures trade, one actually enters in a contract to buy or sell certain assets in future but price is decided at the time of making contract.

Forex Brokers And Their Issues

This article is an embodiment of issues surrounding the Forex brokers of today. It seeks to help individual forex traders to be fully aware of the problems they may face if they fail to seek professional assistance or by simply doing proper searches on line to help them, find the right forex broker to go with. It also discusses the various types of brokers available and even offers decisions on which type traders could end up doing business with.

Day Trading – Try Your Luck to Make Money!

There is a lot of talk about day trading and one may wonder what this is all about. If you are knowledgeable about financial details and intricacies of the stock markets and trading related topics, it can prove to be a very lucrative career option for those sitting at home. This can be an online home based idea for a business and it can result in great profits as well.

4 Daily Rituals For Trading Success

If you are prepared to commit to doing a few small rituals every day, this can see powerful positive changes to your trading results and success in all areas of your life. We can have conflict between what we consciously want and what our unconscious mind deems to be what we want or need. Real change happens at the unconscious level so by following small rituals everyday, these changes can occur faster than through any other processes that are dealing with only the conscious mind.

Day Trading Success Through Keeping a Trading Diary

Why should a day trader bother keeping a trading diary? Just how important is it? Very few unsuccessful day traders keep a trading diary but those who do succeed.

Top Ten Systematic Trading Methods

Systematic trading methods are the basis for trading systems and automated trading strategies. They consist of technical indicators or other mathematical methods that are used to generate objective buy and sell signals in the financial markets. Some of the most popular methods have been in use since before the advent of computers, while other methods are more recent. This article lists ten of the most popular systematic methods found in trading systems.

Elements of a Profitable Trading Strategy

Trading systems or strategies use a predefined set of trading rules to generate objective buy and sell signals. While the variety of trading systems is almost limitless, most profitable trading systems have certain elements in common. Whether you build your own strategy or purchase one, trading a strategy with these characteristics will maximize your chances of success.

Getting Starting With Systematic Trading

Systematic trading is a popular and potentially profitable way to trade a variety of markets, including stocks, futures, and foreign exchange. In systematic trading, a trading system generates buy and sell signals using a predefined set of trading rules. In many cases, the trading system can be automated so that it will automatically execute the buy and sell orders through a brokerage. This article presents the basic steps to getting started with systematic trading.

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