MiniDoge and How We Knew to Get into the Presale!

Minidoge is around 300 million market cap 72 hours after launching on PancakeSwap. Here’s why they’ve done so well and how we knew to get in on the presale. See below for more.

Why So Many Day Traders Lose?

What type of Day Trader are You? 1. Are you a winner – in a slump? 2. Are you bored – breaking even? 3. Are you a loser – hoping to be a winner?

Day Trading

Day trading is defined as the buying and selling of a security within a single trading day. It is a liberal profession and it gives the day trader the freedom of choice. Day trading is about risk taking not gambling. Day trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme, even though some seminars do their best to sell it as one. It can be extremely stressful and an expensive full-time job. You must treat it like a regular business.

How a Coach Can Help You in Stock Day Trading

Intraday stock trading is a high return and high loss type of investment. But, by proper day trading education and training you can consistently outperform the market. You will learn basics of day trading in stock market and importance of a proper training to be successful in day trading.

Conquering Penny Stocks For Profit

Many believe day trading penny stocks is an art. I believe it is a science. Penny stocks may be a little scary for some people, but once you master it you’re on the way to a life full of riches and commodities you didn’t realize existed.

Forex Day Trading – Why Day Traders NEVER Win Long Term

If you are new to Forex trading you may consider day trading but beware of the fact that day traders ALWAYS lose for the following reason:

Why Day Trading Futures is Better!

Correct day trading is more consistently profitable and safer than longer term trading. Day trading provides consistent profits at a low risk.

Choosing the Best Trading Time Frame

Choosing the correct time frame for your style of trading is an important step in creating a workable trading plan. If the time frame is too short or too long to suit your personality, the trading plan will not survive, no matter how good the system or trading approach is.

Day Trading Stocks

Most of the people believe that day trading and gambling are the same thing. But very few actually know the difference. Can you forecast the kind of cards you’ll receive while playing black jack? No. you can’t. But, in day trading, the moves of market are anticipated in advance.

Stock Market Day Trading – How To Become Wealthy From The Market

Is stock market day trading a wise investment of your money? Actually, the vast majority who engage in this activity will never get rich from their investments…if they make money at all.

Day Trade Penny Stocks Newsletter – A Doubling Stocks Review

Eager to give Day Trading a try? Wondering if penny stocks can really be as safe and easy they sound? Give this review a read to learn if the long-running Double Stocks newsletter is a scam or something worth leveraging to improve your future!

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