Minería crypto y ordenadores cuánticos, ¿mito o realidad? – Raul Villar (CERN)

¿Qué es la física cuántica? ¿Minar criptomonedas con ordenadores cuánticos, mito o realidad? ¿Qué es un ordenador cuántico y la computación cuántica?

🔸 Invitado especial científico del CERN: Raul Villar, Ingeniero cloud y guía oficial

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Online Trading Software – Suggestions To Improve Your Results From Insiders Part 3 – Read The Manual

While many of you may use online trading software or more advanced day trading software, there are some things about the software firms which you may not yet know. These insights may be able to help you improve your overall trading performance if you use them properly. This will be a four-part series, and these insights are gleaned from people who have actually worked for day trading software firms.

The Fibonacci Trading Myth

A popular theory now is Fibonacci numbers. This numerical sequence founded hundreds of years ago randomly identifies patterns found in nature with these numerical sequences.

What Are The Risks Of Day Trading?

If you are looking for a truly risky venture for your investment dollar then you may want to investigate the roller coaster ride that many know as day trading. While those that swear by it for making and breaking fortunes will swear there is a formula those that have been raked onto the rocky shores of this particular trading business will be the first to tell you that their luck ran out. Whether it’s luck or science, day trading for many has proven to be risky business at best.

Are You a Nervous Trader?

Don’t trade with money you cannot afford to lose as it makes you a more nervous trader who is not willing to follow and stick to my rules of discipline for stop loss. Trading under-capitalized will more likely than not make you take unnecessary risk while trading.

Day Trading And Market Internals

As an online stock trader, part of your responsibilities is understanding when to trade more actively and when to use more leverage. To have a long and rewarding carer as an equity trader you need to understand how to run your business on a daily basis. When my family owned a pizza parlor in NY it would have been great to be making pie after pie all day however that wasn’t reality. You only made a pizza when there was a request, you made many of them when the store was busy.

The Cheapest Online Stock Trading – Three Things To Ask Before You Open The Account

You may think that you are simply going to sign with the cheapest online day trading brokerage because of the low advertised commissions. Here are 3 things you should investigate before you sign those account papers.

What Is Day Trading – Understand The Basics Of Day Trading

What is day trading? This question is becoming more and more common as many people hear the buzz surrounding this excellent investment tool. Let me explain to you exactly what day trading is, and open up a whole new world of investment opportunities that you can easily take advantage of.

The USA Major Banks Meltdown Today in the Middle of an Unstoppable Downward Major Financial Crisis

Things are falling apart fast inside the US Bond markets and with major US Banks. For day traders, billions in real losses can mean some very quick profits. Remember, timing is everything when a unique high profit opportunity is found and it is more important than ever if you are a Day Trader.

Daytrading Emini Futures for Daily Income

Day trading the Emini S&P Futures really is a great way to make a living! I hear and read a lot of articles, newspaper ads, and even one or two ezine’s that claim day trading is a sure fire way to lose all your money. I totally disagree. On the contrary, it is an incredible way to work a few hours a day and make a very nice 6 figure income.

In The Trading World, Opportunities Come and Go to Create Fast Serious Personal Wealth

Everyone wants to kick their own personal financial goals into high gear fairly fast. If you desire to get rich yourself, first you must find low cost safe investments with higher than normal return rewards. Find out how the current sub-prime credit crisis mess here inside the USA right now provides you the trader an exceptional high profit opportunity.

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