Manejando riesgos: BTC vs Stablecoins

Ser comerciante P2P implica el manejo de riesgos, sobre todo dependiendo de que criptomoneda operes. Discutiremos cómo se diferencian las estrategias de cada comerciande dependiendo de ello.

Fibonacci Stock Trading – Using Indicators to Stay Ahead of the Market

In today’s volatile market, I’ve found the easiest way to invest is with currency trading. I’ve always done okay, but it wasn’t until I learned about Fibonacci numbers that I started seeing steady gains.

Million Dollar Traders

The TV show Million Dollar Traders has clearly demonstrated two very important lessons that all traders must understand. This article examines these lessons, and what they mean to anyone who wishes to make money from trading.

Day Trading and Swing Trading

Day trading and swing trading are a great way to make yourself wealthy! You need a trading system.

Stock Options Trading Strategies – Ultimate Option Strategies and Advice

Are you trying to develop your stock option trade strategy? When you work to develop any stock option trading strategy there are a couple of things that you need to know about. In order to really implement a good strategy you need to focus on two points – is that market moving and are you able to minimize your loses?

Futures Trading – What is Really Important When Approaching the Markets

Almost every successful futures trader has realized that success in the market comes from one very important factor – internal control, in other words, discipline. Which is a radical change for most traders however it is not difficult to achieve but is very difficult for most new traders to realize how immensely important it is.

Smart Short Term Investing

Smart short term investments can be very profitable, or it can break your heart. You must know the market quite well first.

Learn How to Trade Market Moving News For Big Profits

Have you ever been in a long position that completely reversed after an earnings release? Or perhaps your trade’s bottom fell out after the FOMC Policy Statement? Or maybe you have seen your profits evaporate away after a scheduled economic data release? Finally, you anticipated a big move after a news release only to have the underlying stock make an initial surge and then fall back to the original levels or worse. Whether you are a short or long term investor, learning how market news will affect your open positions is a skill all traders should acquire. Entering or exiting a position or perhaps adjusting a stop based on news analysis is essential to maximizing your profits.

Support and Resistance Tutorial – Technical Analysis Day Trading

Profitability in day trading, forex trading, or investing does not need to be complicated. Simple tools like support and resistance levels allow us to apply technical analysis to the markets in an easy to understand way.

Set Up a Hedge Fund – Get Rich Quick With Your Own Hedge Fund

These tough economic times provide great opportunities not only for investors that participate in hedge funds, but for the managers of them as well. It is quite easy to set up one of these nowadays, and some of the best financial and legal service providers in this business are just a phone call away. Key professionals and tools that you will need to get started are the following: money, a prime broker, a lawyer, an accountant, and office space…

Set Up a Hedge Fund – How to Begin

Participating in investment funds is a great way to make huge amounts of money, and many people are seeking even more effective techniques to increase their profits. One of the most popular ways to generate huge earnings is by investing in a hedge fund, and it’s not just investors that can profit, but also the manager. If you are considering getting started in this field, there are certain steps you must undertake in order to do it right and be successful…

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