Jason Retires His Dad – You Want In? Limited Spots

This is a huge opportunity for you…

Make sure you pay attention to
what I’m offering you in this

(I have NOT opened up a public
webinar like this – EVER!)

Back in 2018, I dug a deep hole.

and not just financially…

emotionally too.

and one of my childhood heroes
came to save me.

The same guy that was always
there for me… even though I
rarely took him up on it.

My Dad.

(The picture you saw is me
retiring him live on stage in
front of 1,000 people)

Long story short is that while
I had been 100% debt-free since

In 2018, that all changed in just
a single year…

to the tune of 6 figures!

At the time of this video,
I’m still paying it off. Although
I’m grateful for the strong
income stream I have now…

I’ve never had anything this
solid in my 14 year career…

that debt will be wiped out
very soon.

and you can directly benefit from
this situation.

Read on.

and here’s where it gets even

I had already retired my Dad
from Corporate America a few
years prior…

(The picture on this video)

and in 2018, he had to go
BACK to work!

So not only did I dig in 6 figures
in the wrong direction…

even WORSE – my Dad was
“un-retired” in the process!

and now with everything
happening with Corona…

My Dad has been laid off.

and here’s the truth…

I’m VERY HAPPY and grateful
he was canned!

Sounds weird right?

It’s because this is a clear sign
from God & the universe…

it’s time to retire my Dad…

once and for all!

and I can’t do it unless I help
YOU in the process as well!

This video is a last minute
webinar I threw together to
give you a huge advantage
over 1,000’s of others.

(This is LIMITED)

You see, we’re about to do a
HUGE public launch of our

and it’s going to bring in a ton
of success for everyone already
ON the team.

but I want to give you a change
to be ON the team, first.

and when you’re in first, I can
then build an army below you,
AND help you create an amazing
income stream.

(and every time I help you make
$1.00, my Dad will get $0.10…
so I’m HIGHLY interested in
helping you create a killer income
with me!)

and not only am I offering you a
sneak peak before we’ve even
fully launched…

I’m going all-in for you even

Here’s part of what you’re going
to receive:

– Full “over the shoulder sessions”
with myself. (at least once/week)

– Direct access to myself. (I
charge $2,000/month to be
coached by me… you’re going
to get FULL access to me simply
for being a member of the team.)

– Ability to take part in our
LAUNCH here within a week.
(This is going to be a MAJOR
advantage to get your income
off the ground very quickly!)

– Direct access for ME to
advertise your business for you!

– and MUCH more.

More details are shared in
the video.

and please hear me out…

and there is a DEADLINE with
limited spots.

(I can’t do this for everyone)

So you’ll want to watch this
entire video.

If you’re straight up ready to
get in, before everyone else…

Grab a spot right here (FREE)
before it’s too late.


(I’m building a HUGE army
below you… some people that
have already come in before
you have more than $400,000
in volume I’ve created for them!

My business is currently doing
more than $100K/month…

and you’ll be receiving a lot
more than that over the coming

and MUCH more to come…

So lock in your FREE position
right here so that I can build an
army below you.


and keep an eye on your emails
for further information.

The Best Is Yet To Come,

Jason Cardamone

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