Intention Installation Workshop – Part 1 (GOAL SETTING & RESOLUTIONS)

This is how goal setting works!

Not only will you create “goals”, but you’ll create your intentions through this proven process…

and then drive them into your unconscious mind & heart at a deep level.
(This is the stuff that most other “goal setting” misses out on)

and I not only cover why goal setting is important…

but also what to do when goal setting doesn’t work…

This goal setting tool is really is really the ultimate goal setting workshop.

(and if you like Tony Robbins’ work… this is a blend of that and new year resolutions… that you can do ANYTIME of year!)

So if you’ve ever attempted to use the principles in Think and Grow Rich, “The Secret”, or even Psycho Cybernetics… get ready to dive even deeper and get these techniques to STICK and get you the results you’ve been looking for.

(Bold claim, I agree. Go through the process and then let’s chat)

The way this workshop is delivered, is one of the greatest pieces of content I have created in my life. I have spent nearly 13 years online… and the greater part of that time I’ve been immersed in personal development… with over $250,000 invested into the books, courses, audios, workshops, masterminds, and coaching…

I bring you the best of the best of what I’ve learned, practiced, and mastered.

Feel free to share this with others, and I LOVE hearing your comments and will consistently come in here and respond.

Looking forward to the journey my friend!

Part 1 – (You’re on it)

Part 2 –

Part 3 –

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