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Technical Studies Only Tell 1/2 The Story

Wouldn’t it be great to know in advance if a market session was going to trend or be in a trading range? Traditional technical studies are only backward looking, they do not predict.

Binary Options Demo Accounts

Binary Options demo accounts are valuable assets to both novice and experienced traders alike. Many new traders sign up with a broker, make their deposit and wonder why they lose it all in a short period of time. There are many reasons for this but using a demo account will certainly help your chances of success.

ICE Vs NYSE – Is It Time to Turn the Lights Off on the Trading Floor?

ICE vs. NYSE – As a former Board member of the New York Mercantile exchange, and after dealing with the ICE while at NYMEX, I find the news today very interesting.In 2000 the ICE made an offer to NMYEX.

The Rules for Day Trading

If you want to start day trading then you need to know the rules of this trading. You must become familiar with these rules before you start.

Trading on The Floors Of Chicago

The biggest trading floors in the world were in Chicago. In 1997 there could be 10,000 people trading on the floors of The Chicago Exchange. Fortunes could be made or loss in minutes. Today 95% of global trading is electronic. Computers changed the dynamic and today only about 10% of that number of floor traders remain.

E-Mini Trading: Volume and How It Affects Support and Resistance

I suppose if you analyze my e-mini trading style, it revolves primarily around support and resistance. While I am intensely aware of order entry, tick data, and standard deviation analysis; the engine that powers my trading centers on support and resistance. The question I am often asked is: how do you know when the price action is going to pierce given support and resistance versus stopping and/or reversing at support and resistance points?

E-Mini Trading: Why Do Novice Traders Often Struggle at the Two-Month Mark?

As a trading educator, one of the most disappointing trends is to see a novice e-mini trader begin his or her e-mini trading career on a very strong note and then watch them deteriorate at the 2 to 3 month mark. It’s not an unusual phenomenon, and I have almost come to expect this event and started to act proactively early to prevent it from ruining a budding e-mini trader’s career.

After Two Years, I Can’t Seem to Make Any Money Trading the ES E-Mini!

As an individual who talks to a good number of e-mini traders throughout the course of the week it is not unusual for me to hear weary e-mini traders lament the fact that they cannot seem to make money trading the ES e-mini. Many of these traders take this statement a step further and claim they don’t know anyone who is actually consistently making money e-mini trading.

Understanding The Concept Of Trading In Binary Options

No matter how simple a concept may be, there are still best practices one must follow to be successful. Trading in binary options need the right skill and knowledge.

Lagging Indicators, Real-Time Indicators and E-Mini Trading

I’ve been writing quite a bit lately about the difference between lagging indicators and real-time indicators when trading e-mini contracts. It’s tough to classify any indicator as a real-time indicator has there is some lag in reporting the market data to any chart. For the sake of argument, we’ll refer to real-time indicators as indicators that do not aggregate historical information through an algorithm.

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