How We Attract the Ideal Prospects to Us – People Ready to Join and Build

How to put Facebook’s AI to work for you… attracting your perfect prospect to you and your offers. This is for one of my teams that is building Ethereum, but it can be used to attract the perfect prospect to build ANY team! Super simple life-changing strategy that ATTRACTS the ideal prospect to you!

Do You Routinely Take Profits at 8 Ticks? It’s A Good Way to Lose Money

One of the hallmarks of a trader who is trading in the fear-based phase of e-mini trading is one who takes his profits to early relative to where one has set his/her stop/loss. I have observed traders with experience levels ranging from beginner to experienced make this mistake in their e-mini trading. If you set your stop loss to 8, I suppose this risk/reward ratio would work, but the randomness in the market is probably going to stop you out through market noise.

If You Could Pick Just One Contract For E-Mini Trading, What Would It Be? Why?

With such a variety of contracts available for e-mini trading, surely there have to be one or two that are better than the rest. That is partially true, but it primarily depends on what the cash markets are doing and your level of trading experience. The point is that it depends what is going on in your head and the market movement.

Timeless Techniques for Binary Options Trading

Binary Options Trading is generally known for its short expiry dates, usually within several minutes to a few hours, which offer quick trades with high returns. Japanese candlestick strategy is a valid form of technical analysis for binary options.

Trading Without Technical Indicators

The overwhelming percentage of the retail trading segment uses at least one or more of the most widely known indicators. Now, if this is the case, what is their edge?

E-Mini Trading Is About How You Think and React

I am the first to admit that discipline and technique are essential skills in the e-mini trading process. On the other hand, I have known more traders than I care to admit that knew more about trading than anyone in the room and were far more disciplined than most people; yet they could not fully grasp trading at the emotional level and remained mediocre.

E-Mini Trading: How To Exit Your Trade With Great Profits

It is my belief that knowing when to exit a trade is a tougher decision than knowing when to enter a trade. Beginning traders, in particular, have a tendency to exit winning trades too early and hold on to their losing trades too long. Further, one of the toughest decisions in e-mini trading is deciding to hold a trade through a retracement (in a trending market) or to hang in the trade hoping that it is a minor profit taking move that will be reverse in the direction of your trade and continue with the trend.

Are You Listening To Television Analysts on Popular Programs During Your E-Mini Trading?

My ultra-small trading room has a feature that allows everyone to speak and add input during the times I am e-mini trading. Sometimes individuals forget to mute their microphones while in the room and I can hear what is going on in their homes as they trade. It’s not unusual to hear business and investing shows blaring in the background. Whether you are conscious of it or not, these television shows can easily influence your trading decisions in a negative way.

What Constitutes a Good Entry In E-Mini Trading?

There are dozens, if not hundreds of systems that are utilized by traders to enter at an advantageous point to profit in e-mini trading. The problem with system-based trading is that they tend to work well in certain markets and not-so-well in other markets. This problem could be easily solved if we could find a way to make the market behave identically day-to-day. Unfortunately, e-mini trading does not work that way, nor does the market.

How Much Money Do You Need to Start Day Trading?

From the onset let me admit that one of the biggest problems many e-mini day traders face is under-capitalization. There is a notion that you can start with a very small account, say $1000, and turn into a million dollars in a couple of months. Day trading simply does not work that way.

Is Your E-Mini Scalp Trading a Gambling Exercise or A Pragmatic Exercise in Consistency?

There are an infinite number of approaches to e-mini trading but the results fall into 3 general categories, or a combination of the 3 categories. An individual’s approach to trading is shaped by a variety of factors which may include; the trader’s unique personality, level of experience, and the trading methodology employed by the trader. Of course, differing levels of these traits can combine for a highly successful trader or gradations of success/failure.

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