How Single Acts of Compassion Can Change The World

How Single Acts of Compassion Can Change The World

Backstory: This is an award winning video!

My daughter and her 11 year old friends chose to take on a middle school video challenge…

To create a video that shows acts of kindness and spreads the word about how to create a more positive environment around the school.

They worked hard all week… and during lunches and random breaks went into the halls as and shot video clips as they were able to. (even during/after classes, etc.)

They went above & beyond…

and they won FIRST PLACE in their school as 6th graders! (Beating out all of the other 6th, 7th & 8th graders)

and when you “get” the storyline at the end…

I’m proud to share that part came from my daughter’s creativity…

To show a chain of events coming together… (and I’ll leave the rest out so you can watch the video)

The sound effects, music, clip choices, text, and every part of this editing came from Lilly Cardamone… and I helped her to use Adobe Premiere Pro to put it together. (There was a lot more she wanted to do but ran out of time)

She doesn’t want me saying this was only from her… in fact she doesn’t want any of the credit.

She wants to make sure her friends all get the credit! (it was an amazing teamwork effort shooting the clips, and all her with the editing – insert proud Dad moment here for my daughter and also for all of the awesome actresses!)

I hope we all can learn from these amazing 11 year olds…

there is to much more to life and we can all choose to live with even more compassion…

and we literally can start a chain reaction and change it ALL…


(and a further lesson that we are capable of ANYTHING we set our minds to… because just a few weeks ago these girls didn’t think they could really win… especially against older kids. Yet they gave it a shot and they did it!)

If this inspires you and you desire to create a better world around you, for your loved ones, young children, or for anyone else in your sphere of influence…

Please consider sharing this video and letting these girls know just how big of an impact is possible from sharing their message of inspiration!

Music: “This Is Me” by Keala Settle; All rights reserved by Atlantic Records.

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