How Binance researches a coin with no users

How do you list coins on Binance? CZ tells you how to list a coin on Binance…and it’s VERY selective. Binance is the world’s biggest exchange so we have to be extra selective when picking which coins get listed on Binance.

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Where Can I Find Good Penny Stocks to Invest In?

I had always been impressed with the tales I had heard about amateur investors somehow being able to pick the right stocks to invest in and grow their portfolios. In fact I was sick of hearing about friends picking killer stocks that rose 20% or 30% overnight making them huge amounts of profit. This was a real problem for me until I discovered that their success was not really about their due diligence, any special research techniques or even the newspapers they were reading.

Day Trading – What’s it Really All About? Choices That Lead to Stellar Success and Unlimited Wealth

Aside from the obvious, how does one keep the emotional element out of decision-making? Is this emotional element the same thing as your gut feeling? It’s easy to confuse the two and it’s well worth learning to discern the difference.

How to Get Rich From Trading Commodities

Investing money and investing successfully is often over complicated by people. One of the main deterrents and stumbling blocks facing individual investors is the over analysis of their trading formula. The devil IS in the detail Often when individuals invest they tend to get bogged down in over analysis of detailed data surrounding potential investments.

Day Trading Stock Picks – The Best Way to Start Trading the Penny Stock Market

I know that many people are interested in receiving day trading stock picks. Many people just don’t have the time needed to learn the complexities of the stock market. Or sometimes people would rather spend their time doing something they love rather than watching charts all day. But what happens if you are a total newbie to the stock market or in most cases you don’t have that much money to invest in?

Auto Forex Trade – The Way to Make Money in Your Sleep

If you are looking for a way to make money then to auto trade forex may just be what you are looking for. This article describes just what it is and how it might just be the easiest way you can make money.

Tips For Day Trading

There are good number of people who want to make a killing in the stock market, and there are several people who want to make day trading their source of regular earnings. but day trading is the most risky when you simply enter without having sufficient knowledge or experience. In order to make new day traders a better informed, some tips are being given, so that they may just make profits only from the day trading.

My Fellow Options Traders, Why Aren’t You Selling Options in Your Trading Account?

No matter how long have you been an options trader, you will eventually find out that there is quite a bit of uncertainty involved with buying options. So why aren’t you selling them instead of buying them?

3 Day Trading Tips You Can Use Today

Easy money can be earned the first hour of the day if you are ready; keep it simple to earn consistent money. Sometimes in this internet age it can be very easy to have information overload. When you have too much to choose from it can feel like you have all the tools in the box but no idea how to use them.

Six Golden Rules to Keep Away From SCAM HYIPs

The most important factor to determine that a HYIP is a true opportunity is its payment record. Normally a program which has paid for more than 1 year surely involves high yield investment ventures.

Nasdaq Penny Stocks and Micro-Caps – What You Need to Know

Nasdaq Penny Stocks and Micro-cap stocks are stocks used on the Nasdaq that are interchangeable. Here’s what you need to know about trading them.

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