Gary Vaynerchuk Lifting The World’s Heaviest Thor Hammer To Support Mental Health

Gary Vaynerchuk has been a huge supporter of mental health in the business and entrepreneurial space. Here you can see him lifting a 140lb Tungsten Thor hammer to support the #IAMWORTHY project for Generation Hero.

Binary Options: The New Fad

When looking for a very simple way to invest, one should certainly consider binary options. They are fun as well as quite possibly profitable.

4 Reasons to Use Tick Charts in E-Mini Trading

E-mini trading charts are a visual representation of the data created by the price action of the market. Traders have a number of choices as to how that data is represented on a trading chart. In my opinion, most traders seem to opt for time-based charting methods.

How To Become a Disciplined Trader

This article lists some steps that a trader can take towards becoming a disciplined trader. It also lists a few things that should be included in a trading plan.

Learn to Read Stock Price Action, Don’t Just Blindly Follow a System

If you start out in trading and look to fast forward your learning curve by purchasing someone else’s system, I think you’re going to be disappointed with the overall results you get, especially long term. Without the proper experience and understanding of everything’s that’s involved in trading, learning a single system is the equivalent of a young wrestler learning a fancy take-down move and expecting to compete in competition with that alone.

Why Do So Many Day-Traders Fail?

When you venture into the world of independently trading stocks, you’re going to have plenty of scary statistics thrown your way. 80% of day traders fail! 90%! I’ve even heard 97% of aspiring traders end up giving up and getting a real job at some point, and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if that last one was the most accurate.

Is Controlling Your Emotions the Hardest Part of Trading?

Things are rolling along just fine for you. You’ve got your trading method and have been continually testing and refining it to the point where you’re very confident in it, and in general things have started coming together for you and your trading. Then all of a sudden you take a loss, that’s followed by another one, then another. pretty soon you’re starting to really feel the heat and now your mind is a mess. How can we plan for and prevent mental meltdowns when it comes to trading?

E-Mini Trading: Which Time Period Is Best for Trading the ES and YM E-Mini Contracts?

If you would like to get a room of e-mini traders into a vociferous argument, state in a boisterous manner, that 2 minute charts are the very best for trading the ES e-mini contract. Every successful trader has a distinct preference for a certain time period when trading. These preferences are generally the result of longtime experience and success in his or her trading career.

Five Advantages of Spread Betting

Why should you using spread betting versus traditional methods of investment? Here’s a quick guide to why you should use spread betting compare to CFD’s and normal stock buying.

Should You Use Mobile Spread Betting?

Smart phones like the iPhone, Blackberry and Android have helped revolutionise mobile spread betting. Previously everyone was concerned with security, execution times and ease of use but it seems those concerns have been addressed as City Index announced in April 2011 that the number of trades made on their award winning City Trading Application on the iPhone has gone from making only 3% trade in 2009 to over 15% in 2011. It seems that traders behaviour has altered from using the traditional web trading platform to using mobile technologies help traders check positions, charts and prices on the move….

Learning To Trade CFDs

If you are planning to enter into CFD trading or Contracts for difference trading, you need to be aware of the basic procedures for buying and selling CFDs. Although, buying and selling CFDs is very similar to buying and selling shares, you still need to have some basic understanding of how to work with CFDs. If you master the art of selling and buying CFDs, the sky is the limit.

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