EverRise Changes Buy-Back and Other Big Updates!

EverRise (RISE) has been out a week and has made a splash. They announced changes to the Kraken (smart contract) and the buy back program today. We cover it all in this video.




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Day Trading Online

Internet has revolutionized the world with latest techniques and by the end of 1990, this revolution forced the stock market to go online for day trading. This new change in the stock market, make things easier for people to go for day trading online.

How To Manage The Passion Of Trading

There’s a fine line between passion and obsession. When it comes to day trading, it might be hard to tell. Which one are you? Either way, you must balance it with the rest of your life. Find out how in this article.

Cringe-Inducing Trades And Profits

If you’ve been trading for awhile, you’ve already experienced that sinking feeling, that cringe-inducing trade that made your stomach turn. Read this article to find out how to reduce that stomach acid and avoid that feeling in the future.

Can Humpty Dumpty Be Put Back Together?

The week of March 10 through March 14, 2008 was nearly an “Up Week”. Monday was down but on Tuesday’s we saw the market re-bound 417 points. Wednesday closed up, and Thursday the Market was positive, coming from a 200 points deficit to close positive. Even Standard and Poor’s, the auditors, made the statement that a floor in the subprime credit crunch could be in the works. Most important, the Market held above the 52 week bottom at 11870.

3 Critical Day Trading Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Ah, the day trading profession – it’s the perfect job, right? You can work when and where you want. You have freedom and independence.

Learn What It Takes To Learn Forex Trading And Get You Self Started

Forex Trading is learnable for the normal person that is interested in the subject of forex. But you don’t have to worry if you are not interested in the subject forex, but you can see the opportunity in currency trading, it still also learnable. I only say this because I find it easy to learn anything easier if you truly have an interest in the subject.

How To Calculate Profits In A Forex Trade

A step-by-step analysis of how to calculate profits in a currency trade. The article includes an example transaction to help illustrate the concept.

12-Steps to Good Trading – Step 3 – Ego, Risk-Tolerance and Confidence – The Psycho-Enchilada

This step in the 12-steps to good trading will be the most challenging and will take the longest for most people to overcome. It will require the most maintenance over the life of your trading career and it will also be nearly impossible to learn from a short article like this but hopefully I can get you on the right track and help identify some resources and exercises to help.

12 – Steps to Good Trading – Step 2 – Using Your Imagination

Not long ago I was reading the book “Imagine That” by Dewey Friedel. It was a timely read as it coincided with my plan to lay out these 12-steps to good trading and especially the second step, which is using your imagination. In the book he describes an event in the French Revolution where an experiment in a prison showed the power of imagination and suggestion.

Can This Be The Stock Market’s Ides Of March?

On March 7th, 2008 the Dow reached a double bottom at 11870. While it went through the low for a while, it was able to bounce back up and close at 11893. Might this be the Ides of March? Could the Dow finally begin to turn back up?

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