Decentralized Africa Hackathon: DAY 3 Workshop with Bakery Swap

Welcome to the Day 3 of the Africa Hackathon Workshop!.

We are giving away $500 worth of $BAKE tokens to the first 25 participants on a First come, first serve basis. Do well to complete all tasks as listed below.

To participate in our daily giveaways during the workshop sessions, please ensure to complete the following tasks below, a form will be shared live on event day.

1. Join the Binance TG community where you reside for more updates

– Binance Smart Chain Community (
– Nigerian Telegram community (
– Kenyan Telegram community (
– Ugandan Telegram community (
– South African Telegram community (
– Cameroonian Telegram community (
– Ghana Telegram community (
– Namibia Telegram Community (
– Tanzania Telegram Community (
– Seychelles Telegram Community (
– Zambia Telegram Community (
– French speaking community (

2. Follow Binance Africa on Twitter @binanceafrica, @binanceafrica_ on Instagram & @BinanceChain and Retweet Pinned post

3. Follow @bakery_swap on Twitter and retweet Hackathon Post

4. Trade $20 worth of BAKE on Binance and share your Smart Chain Address and Binance UID

NB: The First 25 people to complete the entire tasks will receive the rewards!

Day Trading Robot Review and Experiment

I recently recommended that a friend of mine, my brother in law, who has never touched the stock market in his life give Day Trading Robot a try. For those unaware, this is a stock picking system which scours the market looking for the makings of profitable trends in different stocks and advises you to trade accordingly. You may be surprised by the results of our little experiment/Day Trading Robot review.

How to Make Money As a Day Trader – Some Crucial Insider Tips

Today we show you various day trading tips that you can use to make money in the stock market. There’s a lot of money to be made – let’s have a look!

Inside the Mind of Trader Mark Douglas

For many people, the world of stock trading is one that is incomprehensible, but with the right information under your belt, you will find that it can become a great deal more transparent. Take some time and really consider what your options are going to be when you are looking for information. Mark Douglas is an author as well as a trader, and he has a great deal to say that may be of interest to you. Looking at the Mark Douglas trader information, you’ll soon find that there is information that he can share hat you are going to be quite interested in.

Learning Day Trading by Learning Price Action

When it comes to learning day trading, you have to be aware of a few things. For starters, you want to be aware of the fact that only 5% of day traders out there are actually making money.

The Simple Beauty of the Trading Plan

The simplicity of the trading plan is absolute gold dust in trading. But many wannabe traders get the trading plan all wrong. I have delivered a few presentations over the last few months and for those who have heard me speak know that the first question I usually ask the audience before I even start is…

Eliminate the Day Trading Risk Factor With Stock Trading Systems

With the stock market currently experiencing what many have called the greatest decline since the Great Depression some 80 years ago, in some respects there has never been a better time to start making money from it. Stocks are at their lowest prices in years with some bottomed out and others still dropping. Differentiating between the two is the only thing stopping you from making some real money in the stock market.

Successful Day Trading – Tips You Can Use to Ensure Your Success

Day traders usually use technical analysis to make money on the market. You can learn these skills by reading a book or reading articles online.

Day Trading & the Different Types of Day Traders

You’ve no doubt heard of day trading, but you might not know what it is. It refers to buying or selling within the same day with no overnight wait. Just a few years ago, the United States passed a law that allows small investors and every one to participate in day trading.

Trading Systems – The Little Know Truth About All Trading Systems

I have often said that I could give everyone my trading systems and it would do them no good. Let me give you an example, I can show you a trading system that picks the direction of the market correctly 60% of the time. On winning trades that system shows a profit twice as large as the average losing trade. Now in anybody’s book that is a great system.

How Does the Global Financial Crisis Affect the Day Trader?

In these turbulent times, it is interesting to contrast the fortunes of the day trader and the long term investor. For years, the investment industry branded the day trader as a kind of high risk rogue gambler, and commended the long term buy-and-hold investor as the sensible one. Was this right?

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