Decentralized Africa Hackathon: DAY 1

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Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – My Top 10 Benefits As a Member of a Trading Mastermind

What are the real benefits of joining a trading mastermind? Do you have to be an expert already or can anyone benefit? Is it worth the time to commit to a group?

How to Become a Successful Day Trader – 5 Simple Tips

The current turbulence in the stock markets as a result of low confidence and the global financial slowdown has brought about unprecedented levels of interest and activity in day trading and spread betting. Day trading is an amazing way to make money quickly but you have to first learn how. In one day, you can make a lot of money from a couple of stocks and loose all the money made in subsequent trades, sometimes leaving you in a loss position.

Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – Good Traders Know Their Market Edge

What is an edge in trading the markets? How can individual traders compete against large institutions in the markets? How can you reliably identify and exploit an edge in trading?

The Truth About Algorithmic Trading

The most frequently flouted law in modern American society is Murphy’s Law. As a result, unintended consequences buffer the amber waves of the fruited plain daily, and the winds blow well beyond Yankee shores too. In essence, we foster frameworks of behavior that fail to consider side effects.

Don’t Get Burned by Penny Pumps

Go to Google and type in penny stock. You will be deluged by millions of sites promoting them. Almost all are a sure bet to lose your dough.

Essential Trading Equipment – What You Need to Trade Successfully

Preparation, planning and education along with the essential trading equipment are the keys to making you a successful trader. The stock market is not a place for the weak at heart or the timid, especially right now. It is not a learn-as-you-go process, nor is it a safe place for the poorly prepared.

Do I Need a Broker? A Question Every Trader Must Ask

A broker can guide you to the stocks that are performing in more solid ways, even in a tricky market. Once they have worked with you for a while, a good broker will know something about your personality and what kind of trading you might be interested in moving in to next. A good broker can guide you to solid diversification of your portfolio to better protect your investment assets in a critical market climate.

Profitable ETF Trading Strategies – Finding Your Best Mental State For Trading

In previous articles I have described my concept of the “zero-state”, and the combination of personal satisfaction and improved bottom line performance I get when I trade from that state. In this article I want to describe some other mental states that traders I know find useful and consider the implications for your own journey of self discovery and trading mastery. It is my hope that you may discover that it works for you or that the journey of discovery may awaken you to other states along the way that you will find equally satisfying and useful. After all, trading from an emotion free state (like my description of the zero state) may not be the best mental state for you.

A Day Trading Robot Scam Analysis

Day Trading Robot promises huge returns on your investments by simply enacting the recommended trades, but how much truth is there to this? I took advantage of their risk free guarantee and bought the system to test it myself, debunk or confirm any rumors of a Day Trading Robot scam, and document my results firsthand right here.

Forex Chart Reading – 5 Forex Chart Patterns You Should Know

Forex chart reading is a most important part of Forex trading. The smart trader will take advantage of the knowledge that is readily available to him or her. Learning to read many different types of Forex chart patterns will enhance the financial performance of any Forex trader.

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