DAY 7: Decentralized Africa Hackathon with 1inch!

Welcome to the Day 7 of the Africa Hackathon Workshop!.

We are giving away a total of $500, Buy at least $20 worth of 1inch token and submit Binance UID

Do well to complete all tasks as listed below.

To participate in our daily giveaways during the workshop sessions, please ensure to complete the following tasks below, a form will be shared live on the event day.

1. Join the Binance TG community where you reside for more updates

– Binance Smart Chain Community (
– Nigerian Telegram community (
– Kenyan Telegram community (
– Ugandan Telegram community (
– South African Telegram community (
– Cameroonian Telegram community (
– Ghana Telegram community (
– Namibia Telegram Community (
– Tanzania Telegram Community (
– Seychelles Telegram Community (
– Zambia Telegram Community (
– French speaking community (

2. Follow Binance Africa on Twitter @binanceafrica, @binanceafrica_ on Instagram & @BinanceChain and Retweet Pinned post

NB: First 100 people to complete the entire task will receive the rewards!

Profitable Trading Techniques – The Psychology of Pair Trading

Why is psychology so important for trading? How can pair trades help reduce volatility? What is Warren Buffett’s secret?

E-currency Investment – Boost Your Profit in Multiples

You are reading this because you are interested in generating money through the use of E-currency investment, correct? But very few people actually know and understand the concept behind E-currency investment and many would tell you a bad review about it.

What is Trading Psychology?

Market trend is a collective reaction to the market effect resulted by news and share price movement. News are mostly events that caused by human being, therefore, trading is an event that deals with human psychology.

Sure Home Business For College Students and Internet Home Based Business Seeker

For college students and other people who are struggling trying to balance the paying bills and living at the same time, articles like these can prove to be irresistible. Many of these articles make perfect sense ad easily hook you based on good concepts.

A Fool and His Money Are Soon Parted

If you are not careful with your trades and investments, you will soon no longer have any money left to use. In this case, the old saying a fool and his money are soon parted. There are many things that make a trader foolish and it is important to avoid these traps from the beginning. Of course, you can always find out the hard way what to avoid, but by then you will no longer have anything left to trade.

Beginners Versus Experienced Investors, a Study on Profitability

There are many people new to the trading field and some of them believe that they can make trades like a professional. Although they have great confidence in themselves and maybe have knowledge of investing in theory, they also tend to be great failures when it comes to making profits through their investments. When comparing beginners versus experienced investors, a study on profitability only shows that it is wiser to place trust in a broker or agent that has experience. It has to be said, though, that the beginners can also be very enthusiastic and they may quickly gain the insight needed to be just as good or better than an old, experienced trader.

Candle Stick Patterns in Chart Analysis to Maximize Profits

Charts are an important tool used by traders to help them determine the best times to buy and sell stocks, currencies or commodities. There are many ways to make charts, though, and one of those is the candle stick bar chart. Anyone can learn to use candle stick patterns in chart analysis to maximize profits, even though it may seem difficult to understand at first.

Currency Speculations Versus Forex Trading

Forex trading is the trading of currencies and it is a very rapidly changing market. Currencies change on a daily basis and can make substantial gains or losses within minutes. In such a market speculation is a key decision making factor, one would think. However, when it comes to currency speculations versus Forex trading it does not make sense to just guess, even though it is impossible to say anything for sure.

How a Good Broker Will Increase Your Profits

A Forex broker is really a mediator for executing all sorts of deals that the trader makes. Although he is not paid for buying and selling according to the traders will and wish. Forex brokers are different from real estate brokers. Real estate brokers get a percentage of the total profit made if the deal is made successfully. Forex brokers are an essential part of profits made through currency trading since he is paid with respect to the difference involving the buyer’s negotiation for a certain currency, and the seller’s proposal for that currency. Forex brokers play an integral part of your trading world and the success and failure of your trading process depends for the most part on the ability of Forex brokers.

How Chart Patterns Can Help You Recognize a Winning Trade

The traders that are successful and make one good trade after another are not completely lucky people. They also have tools and strategies that they use to base their investment decisions on, whether this decision is to buy into a deal or to get rid of a losing stock. Although there are many techniques that can be used, almost all professional and successful traders have one thing in common, and that is that they know how chart patterns can help you recognize a winning trade.

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