Cryptocurrency Presale – When and How to Sell a Crypto from a “Presale” After it Hits PancakeSwap

When you participate in a crypto presale, the best strategy we’ve found is to RIPFT (Recoup Investment, Profit, leave in Free Tokens to continue selling). Here are some things to consider on when and how to sell. See more below.

If you’d like to learn more about our crypto presales strategy, start here:

How to Develop a Profitable Day Trading System

Developing a day trading system can be tricky, but it’s by far not as complicated as many vendors make you think. In the following we will present you a simple trading system that we developed using these steps.

Day Forex Trading Training – The Features You Need To Get Up To Speed

Day forex trading training is an essential part of the induction into forex for beginners, and there is a lot to learn. However, there is help at hand and a whole host of elements that could get you up to speed quickly.

Emini Trading – The Allure Of Day Trading Chatrooms

Emini futures, usually referred to as simply eminis, are very popular day trading instruments. We discuss whether day trading emini chatrooms are a good option as a learning tool in one’s quest to master trading these instruments.

Forex Day Trading – Why You Will NEVER Win At It

The biggest myth in forex trading is that you will make money at it, you won’t. If you are considering day trading then you need to look at one key fact that will guarantee that you will lose.

Forex Day Trading – Want to Try It? Then Get Ready To Lose

One of the biggest myths in forex is that day traders make money longer term – they don’t and if you don’t believe me then consider these two facts:

Day Trading Chat Rooms – What to Realistically Expect

I spent a considerable amount of time in a chat room dedicated to day trading stock index futures. There were many lessons learned here, but not many of them about how to make money. More was learned on psychology. The need to belong and believe in a leader, or guru, and the need to keep a dream alive can sometimes distort all common sense.

Day Trading – Why You Will NEVER Succeed

It constantly amazes me when I see people write about day trading and how you can make regular profits and beat the market. Try it and the market will beat you and take your equity. The reason you can’t win is:

How to Make $100-$200 a Day Trading

Making money in the market consistently is a result of building a solid foundation, not a starting point. It’s easy if you know what you are doing. Keeping it is the tough part.

How Not to Blow Out Your Day Trading Account, Again!

Tips on how to properly PACE during the fertile time periods of the stock market trading day.

Day Trading Commodity Markets

Traders who trade for a living are generally swing traders or day traders. If you are planning to day trade in commodities, then you need to get hold of a reliable trading system that gives good results consistently.

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