Creating An Icon – Making Mjolnir Heavy Episode 01

So, did I really build Thor’s Mjolnir hammer out of solid Tungsten? You bet I did and this is my journey from beginning to end, building the $30,000 Mjolnir hammer out of Tungsten Heavy alloy. This is episode #01 of creating an icon – the making of Mjolnir Heavy to support mental health and fight entrepreneurial suicide with the #IAMWORTHY movement.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve been fortunate to have weathered the many storms of business, some being life and death. I am not the perfect hero entrepreneur here to tell you how I built an empire that would go on and change the world. I have built companies that contributed to over $200,000,000 in sales yes, but that does not make me the model of success, just talented at my craft. I’m more resemble the antihero, the flawed man trying to be heroic as he finds himself in the darkness of his ambitions and selfish ways. This is #GenerationHero, a brand for all of the dreamers, flawed heroes and ambitious pioneers looking to make their mark in the world while trying hard not to screw the rest of it up.

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Chris Hawk is the founder of Generation Hero, a high performance Lifestyle Management company that aides entrepreneurs and aspiring business professionals with practical growth strategies and integrated living solutions. As the creator of the #IAMWORTHY Project, Chris took an inward stance to improve mental health in professionals with the H.E.R.O. initiative (Helping Entrepreneurs Reach Out) to fight Cultural Apathy and entrepreneurial suicide. He is also the author of the soon to be published “YOU ARE WORTHY – How to live proudly as the Hero When You are Born the Anti-Hero.”

Chris began his professional career working for Homeland Security after spending two years as a competitive kick boxer in Southeast Asia. He later transitioned to digital marketing in 2005 and rose to prominence in 2010 after establishing a series of successful digital marketing companies that met the rapidly growing market demands of digital advertising and sales monetization. Chris has contributed to over $200 million in online sales since 2010.

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Forex Trading – 5 Major Mistakes To Avoid

When learning forex trading there are five major mistakes to avoid. Would you like to learn what they are? If you do, you can be rich sooner rather than later.

Discover How Fibonacci Trading Works

It is not always easy to understand the ins and outs of the financial market. This is especially true when the understanding and application of complex analytical methods becomes involved.

Ways To Make Money With Money Using Forex Against The Stock Market

The currency exchange market is also being referred as the spot market or Fx spot market. It has much to do with a kind of trading or dealing where at least two currencies of different nations. That is to say that as a result of international trade or businesses that exist between many nations, they need to buy and sell, or should we say deal in currencies to balance payments and receipts with regards to their economy. This dynamic market was started in the 70’s, meaning that the currency dealing market has been around for over 3 decades now. It is interesting to know that this business model is only based on either selling or buying of currencies.

E-Mini Trading: Trading Pivot Points Effectively

Let me say from the onset that there are a great number of individuals who rely heavily on trading daily pivot points in their e-mini trading. I am not one of those individuals, but I do chart daily pivots as a frame of reference in my trading.

E-Mini Trading: Overleveraging Yourself Out of the Business

I’m not convinced that lower day trading margins have served e-mini traders, especially new traders, and a positive way. Low day trading margins give a new trader a tremendous amount of control over a large amount of money, more money than he or she is probably ready to trade.

E-Mini Trading: How Long Until I Make Money?

If you read the slew of trading websites and Internet advertisements you would think e-mini trading is similar to taking money out of an ATM machine. I wish it were that easy. To be a consistent trader an individual must master a number of disciplines in e-mini trading.

Indices Back at the Races

Now that’s more like it! Thursday’s action on the indices was just the ticket. I’d been dithering a bit because of the signal of one of my favourite indicators, the McClellan Oscillator. But yesterday’s gains blasted away my lingering doubts about the rally. I did take profits on my FTSE position late afternoon.

Patience – A Key Virtue in Trading Any Market

Be patient, and you will get to where you want to be. If you rush your trades, or become impatient and do not wait for good trades you will find yourself worse off than when you started. Taking your time to do things will in fact give you more time, because you will spend less time fixing hastily made mistakes.

Devising a Day Trading Strategy

Day trading is often mischaracterized by individuals who say that it is difficult or next to impossible to make money in the financial markets. The individuals against day trading often state that the market movements are too unpredictable and that the rapid time frames to conduct the day trading strategy is impossible due to the inability to analyze the market and implement a plan of action.

Learn Day Trading Styles and Trends

To learn day trading requires the education pertinent to several types of day trading styles. These particular styles are varied for traders and generally match their personality as well as their specific needs. If you want to learn day trading, no doubt you have heard of, or will be taught about scalping. This particular practice is when an investor holds their position for a short time. That can range anywhere from seconds to minutes. It’s important that you don’t try scalping when you first learn day trading because it requires timing, skill and experience in knowing what can happen.

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