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Kondratiev Waves – How You Can Apply Kondratiev Waves To Financial Markets And Profit

Kondratiev waves were developed by Nikolai Dmitrievich Kondratiev (1892 – 1930) at the Agricultural Academy and Business Research Institute in Moscow. His original research covered the major economics of his time: the US, Germany, France and the UK.

Elliott Waves – How You Can Use Elliott Wave Theory To Profit In Trading

Elliot waves are built around the author’s belief that one business cycle consists of a five-wave impulse component and a three-wave corrective component. An impulse pattern is represented by five waves consisting of a distinct move in the same direction.

Basic Steps Before You Do Financial Spread Betting

There was never an easy way to make some profit out from trading the financial markets. Since trading is an ongoing work that every trader will do for the rest of their life, they should have all the proper and necessary things in their trading arsenal. Those things like the knowledge, proper tools to help you analyze the market, great broker that support you with their great services all along the way and extensive training and experiences in doing real live trades are all the component that you must have before you can considering of doing this kind…

The Risks Involved With Trading on the Stock Exchange

Trading in the stock market is similar to running a vehicle in a fast moving high traffic area. You need to have skills acquired before taking up the task, should have pre-tested all your tools and resources and be on the alert while you are trading. The major risks involved with trading on the stock exchange are explained below along with possible remedy in each situation.

How To Improve Your Day Trading Skills?

A day trader needs to have a few basic skills like proper money management and good discipline. These are by far the two most important aspects that make a difference in trading. Develop them require a good degree of work but the learning curve can be reduced if traders follow the right path.

Predict the Market and Win With the Right Trading Strategy

Predicting the market, although easy, isn’t very easy to learn. But they don’t want you to learn, because then they can’t sell you systems.

Reducing Your Risk With Spread Betting

A beginners guide on understanding risk when attempting to spread bet for the first time. Spread betting contains high levels of risk and newbies should be aware before placing any orders.

How Does Spread Betting Work – Beginners Guide

You’ve probably heard of the spread betting recently in the papers, but how does this trading platform work and can you make it work of you. This is a introduction into spread betting and a basic guide.

The Basics of Future Options Trading

Future options trading-a term many may attribute to the vocabulary of Wall Street, willingly leaving this financial move to the professionals. It is common for portfolios to include investments like stocks, bonds and mutual funds; but options are another type of financial instrument that opens the door of opportunity.

Day Trading With Multiple Charts

Day trading stocks, commodities or the forex market is very enticing because it offers a interesting way of life if you can master it, but that`s a big if. It allows one to come in and try their luck with very little money or tools, no other business offers that.

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