Cash Injection Team Build with Jason Cardamone & Mike Klingler

Cash Injection Team Build with Jason Cardamone & Mike Klingler – A New Paradigm.
Changing the way the entire network marketing industry works – online & decentralized.


Note: If you are already an affiliate in MDC, and you are not personally enrolled by myself, I cannot work with you directly with the Cash Injection Team Build. This is to protect MDC, my team, and yourself.

This is a webinar I hosted with
Mike Klingler around the CASH
INJECTION we’ve started that is
sweeping the industry.

I know many of you don’t know
my background in internet network

and as I started in this industry
in May 2006…

It was specifically to build residual
income through network marketing,
using the power of the internet.

Which later became known as:

Attraction Marketing

THE person most responsible for
the term “attraction marketing”
is Mike Klingler…

and he also coined the term:

“Internet Network Marketing”.

I share this because what attracted
me to my primary company in the
first place was our ability to grow
this amazing company using
internet marketing.

AND their system supports that
VERY well with the weekly cutoff,

and now it’s time to unveil the
Turbo Charger that will help you
generate endless leads, coming to
you with credit card in hand,
ready to join you in _________.

(or even in anything else if you’re
not interested in building a legacy
company like MDC.)

You are going to see over 15+
years of internet network
marketing operating at it’s

from 2 of the founders that
paved this path of building through
the internet…

LONG before it was ever accepted.

Traditional network marketers
all told us this would never work.

and even while internet building
is much more accepted here in

Many top networkers still cling
onto their outdated beliefs.

They ignore the fact that our
methods have had a far higher
success rate than traditional
thinking in the MLM industry.

Our philosphy:


If you’re old enough you probably
saw where the Internet was going
before the year 2000. And I bet
you were a subscriber of Netflix
before you thought to invest. I
bet you even heard about Tesla
before it was at $100 a share,
and knew about bitcoin before
it passed $18,000.


This opportunity may be your last
chance to play serious ‘catch up’
before it’s too late!

On this webinar we cover:

– How we’re uniquely helping
others build their teams & income
with this never-been-done-before
genius HACK.

– How to position yourself in front
of one of the hottest trends over
the next few years, where we
have members who have profited
as much as 500 ETH in their first
30 days!

– What we’re doing to amplify our
team member’s results, and
attracting in 7-8 figure earners,
company owners, & influencers
from all across the industry.

– The Why behind the Cash
Injection: and our vision to help
1,000’s to a life changing income
over the coming months.

PS – because I am working in a
100% compliant way (per the
compliance dept.)…

IF you are with MDC, and are
NOT my personally enrolled

AND if you also joined someone
else in MDC as an affiliate or

Please understand I cannot work
with you. I cannot & will not
introduce this cash injection to
you or jeopardize my MDC

If you ARE no longer with MDC,
or you are still active with me
in MDC as an affiliate or
customer… we’ll see you soon!

— Jason Cardamone

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