Buying NFTs: Bullish or Bearish?

Crypto enthusiasts, collectors and speculators are jumping into the NFT space. Interest is at an all-time high, with major artworks and releases selling out in minutes. Is now the right time to get started? Where do you buy NFTs, how do you buy them, and which platforms should you use?

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NFTs Explained: Everything You Need To Know- 13th April
NFTs are everywhere—and they’re not just hype. Learn what NFTs are, how they work, and why people are so excited about them. We get down to basics with a demo that brings the technology to life.
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NFT Innovation: Transforming the Digital Economy- 20th April
NFT innovation is taking the digital world by storm. From collectible art and fan tokens to music and gaming, NFTs have the potential to create new economic opportunities and reshape entire industries. Discover the cutting-edge applications of this emerging technology and the opportunities you can seize today.
Watch the recording of this session here:

NFTs for Artists: The Beginner’s Guide- 4th May
NFTs are rewriting the rules when it comes to digital goods. Anyone has the ability to make their work more valuable, whether it’s through digital art, music and games or memes and collectibles. Learn how you can create your own NFTs and sell them in an online marketplace. Join our live demo and Q&A and start your NFT journey.

Opportunity of a Lifetime: NFTs for Developers – 11th May
The NFT ecosystem is just getting started, with new marketplaces, platforms and technologies appearing on a near-daily basis. How can developers seize this powerful trend and build the NFT products and platforms of tomorrow?

NFTs in Gaming: Next Level Potential? – 18th May
Can NFTs transform the gaming industry as we know it? Gamers are already familiar with concepts like digital unlockables, in-game currency, virtual skins and more—making video games a prime candidate for NFT-related innovations.

How to Buy and Sell Shares

Investing in shares is a trend that is increasingly becoming popular amongst the youth and unlike earlier it is no longer a rich man’s pastime. Advanced trading technology has made buying and selling shares a popular trend, and financial tools and a well-planned strategy are required to be successful. Stocks never guarantee instant fortune and involve colossal risks.

Price Action Trading – Holy Grail Or Catchy Phrase

If you are new to trading the markets, you may be completely unaware of the term “Price Action Trading.” However, even if you are a long term and experienced trader, you may not be aware of the virtues of trading from pure price action alone. There really is no definitive definition for price action trading, but in general, it is making trade decisions based solely on the price action from a clean chart, without the aid of indicators.

What Do You Need to Do in Order to Build Winning Trading Systems Or Trading Models? Part 1

This is the first of a series of three articles I am writing to help you with some tips on creating a successful trading system and/or winning trading models. The articles will start off with general suggestions and will increasingly become more specific. In this piece I would first like to discuss the emotional and personal qualities you will need.

The Simple Moving Average

The simple moving average is a venerable indicator and very basic in it’s calculation and interpretation. Yet, some valuable information can be gleaned from the proper implementation of this indicator. Due to it’s simplicity, it is often overlooked, especially in recent years.

What Do You Need to Do in Order to Build Winning Trading Systems Or Trading Models? Part 2

This article is the second in a series of three articles providing some tips on building successful trading models and systems. This article will discuss: simplicity vs. complexity, the importance of backtesting, and putting your strategy into action.

Stock Trading Basic Information For Beginners

The first thing you must learn is that the stock market is not as scary as what it may seem. Buying and selling stocks is actually a great way to earn more money. In fact, many people are quite successful at it. However, before anyone starts, they should first learn some stock trading basic information for beginners.

Learn Day Trading Secrets – What is Prosperous Trading?

A lot has been made of this idea of “Prosperous Day Trading” – what is it? How does it work? What makes a “prosperous trade” different from a regular trade.

Day Trading Profit Secrets – The Trend Is Your Friend

If you had a trading chart on a wall and you asked a 5 year old whether it is going up or going down, they could easily answer unless, the chart was in a sideways indecision phase. Many traders however fail to make the obvious distinction that if the trend is up it is most likely to continue in that direction, and if it is trending down then that is the most likely direction it will continue.

Different Stock Trading Systems

Developing a plan of action in trading is more important than just developing a rulebook, and much like the cliched metaphor of the foundation of a house being the key to its longevity, it is the base of everything you need to take your trades into the winning every single time you go to bat. To explain further, the problem most traders get into is when they hear all their advisers and coaches tell them to stick to their trading plan, that they haven’t actually created a plan at all – they just develop rules of what they can and can’t do, and when they should or shouldn’t do them.

An Introduction to Oscillator Types and Functions

There are a wide variety of oscillators available for the day trader to use, but choosing the correct oscillator to augment the traders methodology takes so time and experimentation. I give a brief overview of the basic functions of oscillators and some information on their implementation.

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