#BNB Staking All Good, So Far! Ask How I Am Turning .8 BNB into 15 BNB in 21 Days!!!

**DISCLAIMER** I am not a financial advisor and anything that I say on this YouTube channel should not be seen as financial advice. I am only sharing my personal experience. You should always do your own research before making any investment.

Lets Take A Look at BNB Stake with Binance Coin

BNB Stake is a really high-risk project. So good so far, I put in .9 BNB and in 19 more days I’ll have 15 BNB which I’ll then turn into NGRY Token or Peak Defi
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In this Video..
Mike my Business Partner , also talks about PEAK DeFi…
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Here’s Info On Staking NRGY Token
I’ve staked 2.6 – my earned rewards are taking me into close to 4 NRGY going to stake more this week. This video above, Mike shows how to Stake from his commissions earned over just a few days! On my road to 25 NRGY tokens within the next 96 weeks!!


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The world doesn’t realize it, but a digital financial system is making history right now. Cryptocurrency is huge market and an evolving environment, it’s not just for geeks and risk takers, the Community has wide variety of movers, shakers and everyday learners – and we are all learning as quickly as possible.

The amazing thing is, we are in front of the masses and maybe the mass hysteria.. as far as opportunity, which can be seriously overwhelming or extremely exciting. Let’s choose seriously abundantly exciting!

#infront​​ #pioneers​​

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How To Become A Successful Penny Stock Trader?

There are some basic steps involved if you want to become a successful penny stock trader. Penny stocks can be a very lucrative investment when the right stocks are chosen but the wrong choice can quickly wipe out all of your capital.

Option Trading School – America’s Most Wanted Man!

It is not the terrorist leader, arms dealer or drug kingpin that many of you might be thinking of with a headline like this one. If anyone of you see this man please report them immediately so we can turn them in to the government and reap our reward!

Option Trading School – Owning Stocks During a Financial Crisis

Many people are faced with the predicament of being long (owning stocks) during a financial crisis. The companies held in an investor’s portfolio that were thought of as strong, stable and profitable businesses are all of a sudden volatile, risky and filled with holes. It is important to have a plan for all positions and not fall into these two common mistakes that many people make during a financial crisis.

Option Trading School – Building a Business Plan for Trading

Everyone wants to invest in the stock market as it offers an open arena where people can make huge profits if they make all the right moves. The potential is limitless, and yet, in spite of the number of people who actually involve themselves in trading, only a few succeed. Some are just able to scrape through, and many investors end up with losses. How can only a few people be able to make a profit out of a global market in spite of the fact that everything is so open? The answer is simple…

Learn Options Trading – What Do You Need to Know?

Are you now interested in buying stocks, options and selling them? Are you into short-term and long-term investments? Do you wish to learn options trading better to generate more funds to obtain financial freedom and security in time? If all your answers are ‘yes’ well, you should find those reliable and effective stocks options trading strategies today. These helpful tips and techniques are intended for newbies, experts and experienced ones

Successfully Buying Trading Software

Being a trader is a losing proposition in light of the trillions of dollars and software big traders use. Get an edge by properly, patiently, finding good software that will make sense of data. And be a good student.

What Are Penny Shares?

Stock and share trading comes in many different categories – one such category that has become more popular with the advent of the internet is that of the “penny share”. While the name may imply that these shares sell for 1p or $0.01, it actually refers to shares that sell for relatively low values – many place the limit around $1.00 or £1, although this will vary from broker to broker.

Online Trading Strategies – When to Exit a Trade

Many traders have an entry-weighted strategy. They know the fundamentals. They’ve calculated the amount they will risk on a trade based on their position size and the placement of their stop loss. They’ve set signals for entry. However, then they expect the trade to take care of itself, not realising that how they manage a trade after it has been opened is one of the most important factors in securing profits. Although a hard stop will allow you to get out of a losing trade without too much of a loss, what should you consider when exiting a winning trade?

Stock Options Trading Strategies – Your Virtual Assistant in Your Investments

Since you have landed on this page, it is assumed that you are into finding some reliable and useful stock options trading strategies to make use of, maximize and enjoy. Whether you are a seasoned trader and investor or a complete beginner or a certified first-timer, such strategies on options trading can surely provide you with such financial boost that you have always wished for.

Learn Options Trading Today and Get Started With Confidence

One great way to learn options trading is to do some reliable and rigid online research. Such involves exerting effort and allotting ample time and resources – making such endeavour work at your best. Getting through some reliable and credible online sites, forums and web communities and groups may also be helpful. In here, you are given good chances to extend your linkages and network as to how you could learn options trading the reliable and effective way.

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