BNB STAKE Is the Bait worth the take or not?

BNB STAKE Is the bait worth the take or not? In this short video presentation my good friend and business partner Mike continues to share with us and look at particularities with BNB Stake that should not be ignored or taken for granted.

PeakDeFi launched the first staking token that offers an reasonably generous affiliate system built on the Binance Smart Chain.
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Passive Income with Staking in Binance

To learn the exact steps my business partner Mike took and generated 850 ETH in 4 months with a non-risk / non-investment method and then repeated
the process to get into exciting projects like NRGY and Peak Defi, contact me at this link:

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Bull Market Early or Bear Market Trap?

For virtual currency investors, the more important question is whether this round of currency price rises is a restart of the bull market or a bear market trap. Yesterday evening, Bitcoin experienced a soaring price in just one hour. The price rose from the violence of about…

Modern Ways of Position Sizing

When I first started with trading more than a decade ago, I thought trading success was about being right – knowing when to enter the market and milk some money out of it quickly. Pretty soon the markets taught me that this was not the right path to follow!

Know the Different Times of the Day to Make Profits

Every trader should know how stocks behave at different times of the day. By knowing how volume and price movement is affected, you can have a competitive advantage over those traders that don’t.

How to Use One Day Patterns in Your Trades

One day patterns should be a part of almost every trade you take. By looking at the previous day, you may be able to determine the market direction today.

Significance of Hedging Energy Commodities

Although some consider Hedging to be an advanced and difficult to discern concept, the execution of hedges is in fact extremely basic. Risk managers can use futures contracts, over-the-counter swaps, call and put options, and combinations thereof to lock-in prices for a given period. This allows a company to know exactly what they will pay for their energy during that time and plan for that price accordingly.

Smart Trading Options for Conservative Investors in 2018

When it comes to the stock trade for the conservative investor, there is no doubt we’re talking about stock options. But, what exactly is a conservative approach to trading? And what techniques can the savvy investor utilize in 2018 to manage risk and ensure growth?

3 Types of Financial Analysis and When They Matter

Financial analysis is conducted using information posted on a business’ financial statements to evaluate the current financial position and the past performance. Financial Key performance indicators such as liquidity, profitability, and solvency among others highlighted by this process are used to ascertain the financial strengths and weaknesses of the business entity. This analysis can be performed internally within the organization to facilitate decision making by management.

These 3 Indicators Work Extremely Well to Set Your Trades

Quick overview on how to use Parabolic SAR, Stochastic Oscillator, and Bollinger Bands to achieve successful trades. These 3 indicators will work well together as a way to verify your entry and exit points of a trade.

Day Trading Versus Long Term Trading – Find Out Which Wins

Which chart should you use? the short-term chart will generate quick, small profits when traded correctly. However, the opportunity for huge gains lies solely using long-term charts.

The 3 Stages of Trading Blindness

A common phenomena I call “system trading blindness” is one of the biggest obstacles towards long-term trading success and is one of the key reasons why so many system traders fail. It usually appears in 3 stages and the last one is the hardest to overcome.

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