Binance webinář: Binance Futures. Jak řídit peníze ve svých strategiích?

Obchodování s Futures kontrakty na Binance nebylo nikdy snazší a stává se velmi populární mezi obchodníky všech úrovní.

Vidíme tyto úžasné výsledky, kterých jsou obchodníci s vysokou pákou schopni dosáhnout. Uživatelské rozhraní je přátelské pro začátečníky a existuje mnoho nástrojů, které můžeme využít pro maximalizaci zisku.

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🔸 Přestavení platformy Binance futures, její výhody
🔸 Jak se ovládá platforma Binance (nákup, stopka, margin ratio atd.)
🔸 Intradenní vs swingové strategie pro futures trading (srovnání, výhody, nevýhody)
🔸 Jak řídit peníze ve svých strategiích (velikost páky, pouité riziko, jak spočítat zisk a ztrátu)
🔸 Emoce a přestřelování ceny na futures trzích
🔸 Konkrétní obchod pomocí strategie s použitím technické analýzy
🔸 Rady začátečníkovi, jak začít na Binance futures bezpečně.

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Trading Emini Futures – The Failure to Cut Losses Short Revisited

Do you have a problem cutting your trading losses fast? If so, you need to examine what causes it. This article can help you with this.

Unleash the Hidden Power of Your Trading Plan

Deep in your trading plan, you may be missing an element that could be eliminating huge winners. By merely tweaking a few indicators and steps to your trading plan, you may be able to produce returns you’ve never been able to achieve.

Price is Determined by the Interaction of Buyers and Sellers

Profitable traders use technical analysis to judge prices because they know that price is not dictated by market events, but rather the interaction between buyers and sellers which determines price. The action of just a few traders can have a very significant impact on price, as their volume of shares can push the price through uptrends or downtrends, based solely on the exchange price for one trade.

Momentum Interpretation

Understanding momentum comes along with understanding the indicators that involved with this kind of trading. Momentum trading focuses on continuing momentum or weakening momentum as a way to position trades and meet trading goals. A momentum trader is likely to follow the charts and bet on a continuation of a trend, or place a short bet and go against the trend when momentum shows weakness. By nature, momentum trading usually involves significant bottom and top calling.

Candlesticks and Overall Technical Picture

Candlesticks fit into the overall technical picture, but it should be known that candlestick chart patterns are just one part of a wide array of studies that fit into technical analysis. Technical analysis spans all chart analysis, and it is even applied to some fundamental analysis statistics.

The Basics of a Piercing Pattern

After knowing what a piercing candle is, you’ll find that they are very easy to spot on a candlestick chart. A piercing candle usually comes to rest after a downturn that is longer than five periods on the chart. Thus, on a one day candlestick chart, the trend would have to be more than 5 bars and exist at the bottom of a downtrend.

Three Trading Losses in a Row

Three losses in a row are tough. That’s about the most consecutive losses that novice traders are psychologically prepared to accept before they feel compelled to take action and ‘correct’ the situation. Is this the right response though?

Throw the Bum Out – Find the Best Broker For Forex Trading

Forex trading is tough enough and it’s doubly tough if you have a good broker working for you. The best forex broker is sometimes hard to find but if you know what to look for and the right questions to ask you can save yourself a lot of grief. What are the attributes of the best forex broker?

4 Steps Necessary For Trading Preparation

There are four very crucial steps for determining a trade and making the right decision. Profitable traders are able to spot opportunity, but not act until it knocks. Waiting for opportunity to knock is the sole difference between the average Joe and professional traders. True insider methods aren’t methods at all – just a strict adherence to the day trading rules.

Adding Stock Scanning Tips to Your Trading Plan

Stock scanning is a vital tool used by professional traders to find symbols that fit their criteria. There are thousands of programs and resources that scan the stock market based upon investor criteria, locating stocks that fit your trading system. Are you seeking stocks with a price between $5 and $50 with a PEG ratio of .4? A stock scanner will search through piles of data and return with hundreds of names that match the criteria. Why do all the initial searching when automated programs can do it for you?

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