Binance UK NFT Marketplace Launch – AMA

Binance are very excited with the launch of the NFT Marketplace. Join us as we speak with Jonny Element, Leonardo Frigo and Kelvin Okafor and discuss the ideas, inspiration and innovation behind their beautiful NFT’s.

Check out their art on the Binance NFT platform here:

Day Trading – Traits of a Day Trader – Part 2

There are certain characteristics in a person that separate the line between successful day traders and easy losers. Apart from having good emotional control, above average I.Q. and having a good reserve of risk capital successful traders also have other characteristics that are quite hard to develop for some but are readily available for others.

Day Trading – Traits of a Day Trader – Part 1

The only thing you can expect with day trading is its constant change. One moment you are profiting, another moment you are on your way to losing. It all happens in a nick of time. Anyone in this business understands that it’s a very risky venture. So, to help you learn the shortcuts we will share with you the common traits most successful day traders have.

Day Trading – Trade, Don’t Gamble

Despite the fact that gambling and trading are two very different things; many traders seem to behave as gamblers instead of day traders. In gambling the winner would like to believe that he has an unstoppable streak of good luck and will try to ride his momentum until he gives all his winnings back to the casino. The loser, on the other hand, will try to get out of their bad luck by risking all his money in belief that he will be able to win back all the money he’s lost. In trading unsuccessful traders work in this manner.

Day Trading – Trade to Live Another Day

All traders protect their accounts- treating them like they are the last thing they’d ever want to lose. Why? Because if they do not do exactly that, there is no way for them to get back to the trade. For people whose accounts were depleted due to bad decisions they have taken while trading and for those people who simply had a streak of bad luck, this guideline for recovery might be helpful.

Day Trading The Forex Market For Maximum Profit

Many traders are turning to Forex day trading systems to garner short-term profits, while eliminating certain levels of volatility risk. Forex day trading strategies entail entering and exiting the market several times within a single day, making profits on small fluctuations of the currency exchange rate.

Seizing Trading Opportunities

It can be difficult to hold onto a winning trade and very easy to dump a loser – this is why so many day traders find it hard to make consistent profits. Find out how to balance the holding and dumping of trades and generate more consistent profits.

Things You Need to Know About Day Trading

What is day trading? Simply put, it involves the buy and sell of stocks, currencies and futures done in one trading day. While this was available to banks and banking companies several years ago, the invention of the internet allowed individuals to have access to market data and stock exchanges. This marked the increasing number of day traders in the country today.

Use of Psychology in Day Trading

Trading is a psychological endeavor as much as it is a methodological one. Before a trader becomes fully successful in it, he should first realize the psychological battles happening in the trade. Without fully understanding the issues surrounding the trading psychology, one won’t be able to get around the common problems which normally only call for simple responses. Included in these are the emotional burdens of not being able to get into the winning trade, the fear of losing the shares, the despair a trader faces when the trend is not going his way and the confusion that always pushes the person to decide quickly while his money is at risk.

Day Trading Tips – The Do’s of Trading

Day trading is not an easy job and it takes a lot of time to perfect. The bad thing is there are no short cuts or quick fixes to it, there are only solutions. Here are some trading do’s that will help you find the right trading set up that will work for you. Always set a stop for your trades based on quantifiable information. Don’t put your money at risk because someone said so.

Day Trading Tips – The Don’ts of Trading

Day trading can be really complex and uncertain. Many people have blown their money because of it. However, this should not be your fate. Read the list of the trading don’ts and pick up some things that are helpful to you. Do not blame the market for your mistakes, remember that you, alone, are responsible for you actions. Do your homework beforehand; getting substantial information on a specific trade will make it easier for you to profit from it.

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