«Binance Smart Chain: строим будущее DeFi и NFT» – сессия с командой BSC

Сессия с Helen Tu и Samy Karim, участниками команды Binance Smart Chain.

Подписывайтесь на социальные сети Binance Smart Chain:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BinanceChain
Telegram: https://t.me/BinanceDEXchange
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/6YEQdYadvx

⛓ Все детали и подробности виртуального хакатона NFT&DeFi (подача заявок уже открыта):

⛓ Расписание мероприятий:

Особую благодарность выражаем нашим спонсорам:
BR Capital, DEGO Finance, Rarible, BitScale Capital, Cocos-BCX

7 FAQ’s About Online Investing

What is meant by the term “online investing?” Online investing provides investors with a quick and convenient method to take advantage of a variety of global financial markets or indices in order to generate profits.

10 Tips For the Futures Trading Beginner

Day trading on futures transactions is something that can be very appealing for an amateur trader. You don’t have to invest too much money; you don’t have to invest too much time learning about the financial markets.

Share Trading – The World of Bulls and Bears

Share trading is a significantly large and an important part of the commercial world. When a company decides in favor of going public they introduce shares at various prices and market them. There are buyers who buy them at their face value and hold on to them.

Best Market For Day Traders

When it comes to available markets for day trading, there are many options to choose from. I am often asked which market and instrument is the best one for day trading. The answer to that question is a difficult one, because many different markets offer many different opportunities for a day trader. Today’s biggest markets are probably stocks, futures and forex, but each has advantages and disadvantages for new traders.

Hedging Strategy Using Binary Options

Binary options trading is earning a lot of popularity among marketers, as it’s an exciting and new trading method. Many of the traders using different strategies, but the basic concept of all binary options strategies are the same and unlike other professions, the binary option trading provides only two possible results, the gain or loss.

Starting With Swing Trading

Swing Trading has been one the paths of the people to make it big in their life. They know the importance of it in the trading business. This kind of trading could take you to the driving seat if you know all the rules and have the courage to play it smartly and tactfully.

Do You Want to Trade Or Have Someone Tell You When to Trade?

Would you prefer to learn how to trade or take your trading cues from a trading room leader. As trading rooms increase in popularity I take a look at this emerging question.

Day Trading – Learning to Manage Risk

One of the hallmarks of an experienced trader is his or her constant aversion to risk. There are many steps you can take to minimize risk in your trading and I have enumerated a few that a simple and easy to implement.

Day Trading – A Comparison to Floor Trading

There has been numerous training educators who claim that real trader, like “floor traders” don’t use oscillators and many of the tools of the home based day trader. As a trader who has performed both as a floor trader and home trader, I point out the differences in these professions.

How Come Trading Programs Cost So Much?

Trading courses seem to be rising in price as time goes by. I question the value of these higher prices in relation to the actual information they convey. Further, I suggest a far more important variable in trading success than trading courses.

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